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The best Football Betting Coupons

Sports betting is quite popular amongst the youth across the world. Most teenagers spend a reasonable amount of their time researching on the team's strengths, the importance of the match being played, the nature of the game, the coaching strategy and the morals of the players before placing bets. Thousands of bookies exist globally with each offering at least one unique service to the punters. Some sites provide analysis and reviews on some of the popular bookmakers globally, thus eases the punter's tasks of having to research on several bookies. Below are some of the most popular football coupons across the world.

Accumulated List

Also referred to as the long list coupon, it lists all upcoming football matches being played during a particular period. Punters can decide to select a list of coupons running for either a day, a week.

Long list coupons are quite popular among non-risk takers as they have the options to place small bets and earn handsomely depending on the odds of the selected games. However, for you to win, you have to win all the tips set. Adequate research and careful selection of the teams or tips presents high chances of winning your bet.

Both Teams to score

Both teams to score present an excellent opportunity for you to mint some dollars. In this case, you need to predict games that will end up scoring at least a goal against each other at the end of the match. Others options that to choose from in this market include, either one team scores or none of the teams score at all.

Depending on the teams or leagues match history, the chance of selecting a game that ends up with these options is a bit easier. It comes with better odds and carefully selection of tips will end up with you making some cash.

Double Chance

This coupon provides the highest probability of winnings given you have the opportunity of picking the two outcomes out of the three possible results in any match. Bookies, therefore, places lower odds for these coupons due to its high success rates.

Goals over or under

Goals over or under coupon allow you to predict the total number of goals likely to be scored in a match against a specified amount. Options such as over or under 1.5 goals, 2.5 goals, and 3.5 goals are the most common under this category of coupons. A well-researched tips and statistics from the head to head encounters will give you the probability of a possible game outcome. Several sites offer an analysis of goals over or under coupons where you can check for analyzed upcoming matches.


Sports provide an excellent opportunity to socialize with friends.  You can opt to invest your time and money in sports sites like to get some returns. If you decided to make it a form of investment, then take your time to research on the upcoming games and take sports betting as a serious business just like any other form of work.

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