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The best practices at an online poker table


Poker is an excellent form of entertainment, and even though there are people who only care about making money, there are those who love to enjoy the game and have fun. This is not to say that they don’t mind winning some money, but they are okay as long as they are having a good time, even if they lose. It is essential to be respectful and ensure the other players have a positive experience at a poker game.

Playing an online poker game may not have as many rules as a live game, but it is not an entirely etiquette free zone. You can adhere to some regulations during your sessions, and we are going to look at some of them.

person holding white and black playing cards


  1. Pay attention to the game.

Online poker tables give a reasonable amount of time for you to decide before making a move. It is vital to ensure you make the right decision, but it is also tedious for the other players to let the timer run for too long. It is necessary to remember that time is of the essence and be disciplined enough to wait for the scheduled breaks to avoid inconveniencing the other players on the poker table.


  1. Avoid slow rolling

Slow rolling is not very common in a live game, but it happens pretty often in an online poker game. It occurs when a player has an unbeatable or strong poker hand and pauses before calling an all-in bet. It is considered rude and seen as lousy sportsmanship as its primary purpose is to give hope to the opponent only to surprise them and take it away from them.


  1. Be polite in the chatbox.

The chatbox is a space provided by online casinos such as, where the players on the table can communicate matters relating to poker. It does not always happen like this, as some people use it to spew hateful words to the fellow players, especially when they are losing and want to take it out on someone. Some say that abuse is a tactic to throw off the opponent, but a simple rule to follow is not to say something to a person if you would not say it to their face.


  1. Avoid talking about the hand you folded.

It is wrong to talk about the cards you folded when the other players participate in the same hand. Doing so could give the other players information they shouldn’t know, giving them an advantage, so you should only talk about a hand once it’s completed.

Online poker allows you to minimize etiquette mistakes as it is mainly controlled by software, so do have fun and ensure other players have an excellent experience.