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The Best Sports for a Beginner to Bet on in 2019

Sports betting is an ever-growing industry, which can be hard to break into. With countless sports and vendors to choose from, it can be difficult for customers to decide where to start. If you’re using a tournament website builder, it’s even more important to be in the know. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tailor the website to your potential users. With our help, you can find out the easiest and best sports to bet on in 2019.


Boxing is a popular individual competition sport. Two contestants enter the ring, and one leaves as a victor. That means the outcomes are extremely simple: Person A wins, Person B wins, or there is a tie. As a result, betting on the final result only gives you three options, making it an easy place to start. However, you can also bet on how the match will end, at what round it will end, and so on. Boxing is a particularly easy sport to bet on because if the fighters are well-matched, placing bets can be as simple as flipping a coin. It requires very little outside knowledge.


MMA is similar to boxing in many ways, particularly in that it is an individual sport featuring two fighters. The fights usually consist of three, 5-minute rounds. The fights take place in a large often referred to as an octagon. Like boxing, all fights will result in one of three ways: a win for Person A, a win for Person B, or a tie. You can also bet on the way in which the fight will end, such as through points or a tap out. MMA is a better sport to bet on than boxing because even match-ups are even more common. That means the best fighters tend to compete against fighters of a similar caliber, making the likelihood of your bet succeeding higher.


Like boxing and MMA, there are three main outcomes for a soccer match: a win for the home team, a win for the away team, and a tie. As a result, placing a bet on a soccer match can be as simple as selecting the team you believe is most likely to win. There are only two alternative outcomes that could result in you losing your bet. Soccer’s worldwide popularity also offers options to bet on specific scores, handicaps, and more. Just keep things simple until you get the hang of sports.


Golf is not as simple to bet on as other sports, but the sheer number of tournaments globally makes it easy to get into. From the Masters to the US open, you will have countless opportunities to place bets and get a feel for things. Better yet, the exact rules of golf aren’t particularly complicated, making it easy for even those who don’t already follow the sport to learn. All you really need is to understand the basics, which a few quick Google searches can ensure.


Similar to previous sports listed, tennis is easy to bet on because it has only has two potential outcomes: a win for Person A or a win for Person B. When a tennis match reaches a tie, there is always a tie-breaker. As a result, whatever bet you place on the outcome of a match will only have one potential alternative. As long as you know how well the two players match up skill-wise, placing a bet on a Tennis match is a relatively safe coin toss for a beginner.

Any Sport that Interests You

At the end of the day, your success in betting on any sport is largely dependent on your knowledge of the sport. A football fan will fare better betting on football matches while a basketball fan will fare better betting on basketball matches. Understanding the ins-and-outs of the game as well as nuanced differences between can make all the difference. While some sports may be easier to get into or more profitable than others, a winning bet is a winning bet. Good luck and happy sports betting!


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