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The IPL: What Makes A Champion

Every year, thousands of staunch supporters of the IPL come together to speculate on the championship. But the IPL, India’s official cricket league, is one of the most unpredictable tournaments worldwide.

As the betting community attempts to forecast the outcome of the games, we wonder what-makes-an-ipl-champion? And who will you be betting on this year? Assessing past results and trends may provide insight to predict this season’s winners. Here’s how.

More Spending Means More Success, Or Does It?

The Indian League has become synonymous with spending. Each year, ridiculous amounts of money are pumped into the teams. But does this mean that the team with the most funds always emerge as champions?

Well, based on preceding trends, we can deduce that the most expensive squad rarely takes the championship home. If we were to translate this to the 2020 games, we would rule out the Mumbai Indians who are at the top of this season’s spending list, which arouses speculation around the Delhi Captains who are the least valuable. They have spent only $9,199,000 compared to the hefty $11,262,600 spent by the Mumbai Indians.

The data above was collated by Betway.

Who To Spend On

Every franchise pays its most worthy players a significant chunk of the team’s budget, which can make or break a team. However, only once (in 2009) did the winning team have the highest-paid player who was not from India.

In 2020, this means eliminating teams whose biggest contract holders are from overseas: the Kolkota Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, and the Sunrisers Hyderabad. The RR has England star Ben Stokes, the Sunrisers Hyderabad owns skipper David Warner from Australia, while KKR has Aussie Pat Cummins.

What About International Players?

So, what makes an IPL champion? Does the number of international players in the team define the championship? Over the past 12 tournaments, we have noticed that squads with a minimum of 15 players capped at the international level are most likely to emerge as the season’s victors.

Based on this, the Kings XI Punjab and the Rajasthan Royals fall short of favour. They each have only 13 overseas players. Which also disqualifies the KKR who currently have nine internationals.

Youth Vs. Experience

Statistics reveal that teams with an average age of 30 rarely win. The only exception was in the 2008 tournament where the Rajasthan Royals won with an average age of 25. Therefore, defending champions, Chennai Super Kings, drop out of contention as they have the oldest squad in 2020. Also does the Delhi Capitals, with an average age of just below 25.

So, Who Fits The Profile?

So, who is most likely to win the 2020 IPL championship? Amazingly, only the Royal Challengers Bangalore meets all the criteria. They are the fourth biggest spenders, and India captain, Virat Kohli holds the most expensive contract. He plays alongside a quality team including big-hitter AB de Viliers, wily Yuzvendra Chahal, wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel, and Bowler Umesh Yadav.

The RCB is epitomized for their aggressiveness in the field, which may just see the underdogs take home the much-coveted title of IPL champion this season.