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The James Bond Roulette Betting Strategy

If you are an avid James Bond fan then you’re familiar with the many successful adventures that 007 has had playing Roulette. In the books, James Bond had a strategy that seemed to always win which is why many people are keen to try it. Unfortunately, the realistic positive expectation is much lower than it is in fiction especially if you do not know how to alter the strategy properly. Below we will discuss the popularity of the strategy at Kingcasino, how to play using it, and more.

What is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

Before you learn how to use it, it would be best to understand what exactly the strategy is. It has been defined as a simple betting system where players only make use of three bets. It can attribute its popularity to the fact that it is so simple and attracts many novice players. Players need to remember that this strategy will only work on the European version of Roulette also known as single zero. The basis of this plan relies on players betting a total of 20 credits per round. The 20 credits can either be used to decrease or increase the win.

The Basics

Simply put, all gamers need to do is remember the three bets and how to place them. For the first bet, the player will need to wager 14 credits on the number bets between 19 and 36. For the second bet, the player needs to wager 5 credits on the number bets 13-18, and for the final bet, the player needs to bet the 1 credit that remains on the ball landing in the single zero baskets. It seems very simple, doesn’t it? If all goes according to play the player is awarded 8 credits for the first bet, 10 for the second and 16 if the ball ends up in the zero basket.


The downside is that things hardly ever go strictly according to this plan and if the ball lands on any of the 12 numbers that you have bet on, you lose any credits that you may have won. There is a negative Expected Value or EV. The only way to win while using the James Bond Roulette Betting strategy is to overcome or beat the EV which is not easily done.

If you are playing at a land-based casino then you will not be able to do this but if you are playing online, many casinos offer players promotional chips. These promotional chips will be your saving grace as you are wagering nothing and winning money. Land-based casinos do not allow such comps for their players and as such, it is not a recommended way to play Roulette at a conventional casino.

The Final Take

The final take on this strategy is that it should only be used when playing on online casinos that offer you promotional chips. Games played with this plan in mind, have a negative expectation, and the only way to change that is to reduce the amount of money you are wagering. At brick-and-mortar casinos, this strategy would end up losing you money.