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The Most Played Slots in History

What makes a good slot machine? An exciting story, advanced graphics and multiple ways to win are some of the reasons people play slots. A million dollar jackpot and constant bonuses may also keep players hooked to a game. But are those all the features that define a good slot? Below are some of the most popular slots ever and what why they are so famous.

The Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is highly successful as a TV game show, it is popular as a PC game and famous with casino gamers. The game’s success on TV is the biggest reason it succeeded on other platforms. Most people who love the TV show have tried the slot game at some point.

Launched in the 1990s, the Wheel of Fortune has lived long enough to attract millions of players globally. Surprisingly, the game is not produced by multiple developers. The International Game Technology (IGT), which owns the TV game, owns the rights to produce the slots.

If you would love to play this game, visit any major online casino. You can even get it free of charge at some UK free slots casinos. You don’t make money by playing the free version, but you will have the same great experience as every other player.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

Hardly any list about sports-themed slots leaves out the Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Game. Named after the famous Italian horse jockey, the game is a classic 5-reel game with vintage graphics and symbols. One dollar is enough to place several wagers in the game.

Like most slots, the aim of the game is to match 3-5 symbols. The game has 25 pay lines and a few free spin bonuses. What’s magical, however, is the game’s celebration of the seven race-wins Frankie won in 1996. Frankie is symbolized with a smiley face, and the number seven symbolizes a huge win in the game.

Backing a horse that wins guarantees you 35 free spins. A second place outcome guarantees you 15 free spins. Winning severally can earn you a place in the game’s progressive jackpot. If you match seven gold squares in the jackpot, you stand to win highly. Like many of the popular slots, you can play this game for free or for money in any major casino site.

Blazing 7s

If you’ve seen a slot machine with three 7s on its screen- -that is not just any other slot. The blazing 7s game has been around since the ‘70s. You can still find the game in any major platform. And just like in the olden days, you stand a chance to get into the $1000 jackpot with $1 wagers.

As a pioneer of small jackpots, Blazing 7s inspired many other slots. Several variations of the game have also been released over the years. The Blazing 7s Fruit game, for instance, is just the original game with fruit symbols.

If you would want to try the original game, your best shot is at established casino sites. However, if you have no problem playing all the replicas inspired by Blazing 7s, join of the modern gambling sites.


With all the success International Gaming Technology gained from the Wheel of Fortune Game, they invested in more games. Megabucks is one of the company’s other successful slots popular with casino site gamers.

A million dollar jackpot every once in a few months is certainly a big reason people love the game. In Las Vegas, Megabucks has earned the title of the most lucrative slot in more than one decade. Sure, you could wager and not win anything for months. But if you are lucky to hit the jackpot, your life is changed for the better.

Surprisingly, there is nothing technical about Megabucks. The game is a vintage 3-reel game. The number 7 is a special symbol but cherries and bars make up most of the scatter symbols. IGT makes the rules of how to win their jackpots, but a $3 bet is compulsory for a chance to win the jackpot.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was originally a musical fantasy film that is often regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. The film was released in 1939 to low box office numbers but went on to become the most seen films in US history.

Its slot game was designed by WMS Gaming. The game features soundtracks with music from the film and symbols as the movie's actors. In many ways, the slot is an adventurous game that lets you interact with the Scarecrow, Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man.

The Wizard of Oz is a fantastic game in many ways but not for the wins. Million-dollar jackpots rarely happen. The wagers are small and most wins don't exceed ten times your bet. If you match the winged monkey wild symbol in the central reel, you get up to eight free spins. You also earn more free spins by matching the Emerald City symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5.


More than 10 slots game have their roots traced back to the Monopoly board game. You could spend hours sampling a good Monopoly slot game. The most famous Monopoly slot is the one designed by WMS (Williams Interactive).

The game features 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Matching 3-5 scatter symbols earns you up to 100 times your bet. You can earn up to 15 free spins, and several hidden symbols that make the game fun to play. The game’s graphics are decent considering it’s a classic. What makes the game popular besides imitating the board game is the multiple ways to win. The multiplier goes up to 200 times your wager and there is a progressive jackpot every once in a while.

To Conclude

Not all slots are created equal. Some are more popular than others. Great graphics, interesting storylines and the ability to win do help these games gain popularity. But among the most popular games, graphics don't always have to do anything with their fame. Instead, being linked to a popular game, a board game or offering lucrative jackpots is what drives players toward the games.

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