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The new world of Esports gambling

Thousands of screaming fans now pack into stadiums to watch video gaming superstars battle for fame and fortune at major tournaments. Millions more stream the action from their living rooms, and esports has turned into one of the most dynamic industries in the world. The number of viewers has now increased to 454 million, including 201 million diehard fans and 253 million casual observers, according to NewZoo.

Despite the jaw-dropping numbers, esports is still very much in its infancy, especially when you compare it to the likes of football or horse racing. There’s no sign of the growth stopping either, with the participation and audience numbers continuing to rise year on year.

Also, unlike some other sports, it can be played all year round, meaning there’s no need to wait for a season to start. Not only that, but there are countless different games within Esports, from League of Legends and Dota 2, to Call of Duty and even Rocket league - meaning there’s something for everyone.

That means that now is an opportune time to learn the ropes and get into it, making you a sharper bettor than most before it becomes mainstream.

Watching a big CS:GO or LoL match unfold can be a truly exhilarating experience. Teams of highly-skilled gamers display outstanding strategy, creativity, dexterity, endurance, and concentration as they wage war on Dune II or Summoner’s Rift. The tension builds up steadily and it is punctuated by moments of dazzling individual brilliance and stunning teamwork before a winner is crowned.

That excitement is dialed up by several notches if you have money riding on the outcome. It gives esports fans a real buzz and makes them feel part of the action like never before, inspiring them to roar on their heroes as they bid for victory. Having a bet can turn an otherwise dull horse race into a thrilling event. Esports is already thrilling and betting on it simply enhances the excitement of the experience.

You can also benefit from various sign-up offers, bonuses, and promotions to help you get started. As it works similarly in the world of Online Casinos world with their casino bonuses and other offers for e-sports. Make sure you find a reputable, secure betting site that has a long history of fair and prompt payouts, the liquidity to cover your bets, and strong third-party reviews. You will find them to be very professional, offering an abundance of markets, quick deposits and withdrawals, and some really intriguing promotions, and you can do it all from your mobile device.

The games that are used for esports are like any other piece of software, in the sense that they are constantly re-evaluated and maintained, with developers making changes and improvements to the gameplay. This can result in new characters, items, abilities, and even stages/maps being tweaked - meaning there’s always something new to get excited about.

On top of this, new games are always in production, creating an ever-changing landscape that is almost possible to become bored. So, whereas most mainstream sports stay mostly the same, Esports is always evolving, keeping it interesting for gamers and bettors alike. And that is where the beauty of this new market lies, an unimaginable line of growth taking gamers further and beyond year by year. Like a non perishable stock of entertainment improving and growing as much as the players want. And most of the time fueled by ordinary people like you and me wanting a more personal attraction fitting our desires.