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The top online poker players

SOURCE: Wikimedia

Although it is in renowned tournaments like the WSOP that many of memorable hands have been played by the most legendary names in poker, the online felt has also witnessed some impressive moments. Nowadays, the most brilliant and richest poker players excel not only at live events but also on the web and while Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel and Daniel Colman have the highest earnings from live tournaments, there are other famous winners that have made their fortunes online.

Some of the most recognizable players that have increased their bankroll on the web by playing on the best poker sites are Patrick Antonius, Phil Ivey and Daniel Cates. Although the exact amount that the first of these three has made online is unknown, by looking at his different accounts altogether we can say that the number is quite high. In any case, a memorable hand involving this Finnish heads up specialist – and model for those who didn’t know it – took place on November 2009 when he and the famous Swedish high stakes online player Viktor Blom (known as Isildur1, who notably won 500,000 in 24 hours at the beginning of his poker trajectory) made history, as Antonius won the largest pot of online poker so far taking $1,356,946 from Blom.

Phil Ivey, who has not had the best recent years (he lost close to 4 million in 2015) accumulated approximately 20 million dollars from online earnings and was ranked number one for many years. He has now dropped to the fourth place. A few years back and in spite of also having lost a series of hands, Antonious (also known as FinddaGrind/Fake Love888) surpassed Ivey, climbing to the number one spot on the list. The latter still is in the poker scene and although WSOP 2016 was not his best moment, maybe in this year’s edition he will get his groove back. If not, we certainly hope to see him shine online again.

Daniel Cates (jungleman12), who is also high on the ranking, started playing on 2007 and became a multimillionaire when he was only 21 years old. He has made a large amount in cash game profits, with some of his best hands played in Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars ($3.43 million in 2014 and over 11 million the next year). Last year, during an interview, he stated that he found it more competitive to play online, as the skill of players had increased since his poker career started. He added that this made it more thrilling to play and that it motivated him to make further improvements in his strategies.

American high-stakes player Ben Tollerene, who won the inaugural PokerStars Championship Panama earlier this year, is now right under Antonius with a bankroll of close to 11 million dollars. There are other less known players among the top ten, like Niklas Heinecker, Di Dang, Phil Galfond or Hac Dang, in addition to many newcomers as the online poker scene experiences a steady and strong growth, making it quite a popular and accessible option nowadays for those who love this challenging game.