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The types of promotions that can be found in gambling

Views on gambling have frequently changed throughout the past couple of centuries, in which the UK gambling industry has been no stranger to the highs and lows that have accompanied many economic downturns and upturns, as well as harsh laws which have restricted the industry. Whilst the 1800’s were a time of turmoil for those who enjoyed gambling as the act itself was immortalised by society and prone to regular fraud and corrupt lotteries, there were still many who tried to be apart of the betting world. Those in the poorer classes were confined to playing illegal toss games in clubs, however the upper classes were able to take part in betting at horse racing and cockfights.

Interestingly, gambling became a criminal act in 1906 when the Street Betting Act was introduced. This act meant that street gambling was punishable by law, however enforcement was difficult and the law there therefore rather ineffective and inevitably led to more crime.

A turn in the right direction…

However, as we fast-forward to 1960 where another act made gambling in public venues in the UK legal again, the industry suddenly took a turn for the better.  From this point on, things began to look up for the gambling industry with the National Lottery being introduced in 1994, and the Gambling Act of 2005, which allowed for more flexible advertising. Today the gambling scene in the UK is vast with over 350 physical Bingo hall and venues and a huge variety of online betting and gambling outlets.

As more and more gambling outlets become available, competition is rising and outlets are having to think of rather creative ways to stay at the forefront of business. How do they do this? With a variety of promotions, which can be of significant benefit to the player, the key is to find which ones are worth playing and which one’s are best to stay away from. Here’s an insight into the different types of promotions within the gambling industry…

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are a promotion that’s frequent with the sports betting sector and are usually used to bring in a wider customer base. Enhanced odds is a highly promoted offer and chances are most of us have seen some sort of enhanced odds promotion on the Internet or across social media. But what does it mean?

Enhanced odds are where the bookmaker makes an artificial increase on the odds that are available in standard markets. This type of promotion is usually for new customers only and does usually offer a benefit to the participant; therefore it’s worth looking out for!

No deposit Bingo

As one of the most popular traditional games to still be played, there is now said to be more than 1.9 million bingo players in the UK. This figure indicates that there are now 200,000 more bingo players than tennis players in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, the number of players that go to physical bingo venues has plummeted in recent years by around 75% as more and more people chose to make the move to online bingo platforms.

The move to online bingo can be attributed to the fact that it is much more accessible for people to access on the go, as well as being much more appealing for people to be able to play in the comfort of their own home. However, as more and more bingo sites crop up each month, competition becomes tough and online bingo providers need to keep thinking of innovative ways to draw in players.

One of these ways is by offering no deposit bingo to first time players on a site. A no deposit bingo bonus means that you are offered special on-site money to spend on games on that site without having to part with any of your own cash. It allows you to trial games on that site and decide if they’re right for you before having to deposit a certain amount of money into your account. These bonuses cannot be withdrawn but can usually be used on any game of your choosing. The trouble is, with so many bingo sites being available on line, it can be difficult to decide exactly which no deposit bingo site is giving you the best deal. No Deposit Bingo offers a fantastic online tool that lists the best no deposit bingo sites all in one place with reviews and star rating to help you decide which site to choose. It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re an online bingo beginner.

Free spins

Free spins are a common promotion amongst the slot game industry and allow users to spin the reels without depositing any credit. A free spin is usually triggered when three or more of a particular symbol appears anywhere on the slot reels.

The number of free slots you are eligible to receive varies from game to game and from site to site but is usually anywhere between 20-30 free spins. On some sites, the number of free spins you receive is determined by a bonus game you are offered to participate in when you first sing up. Overall, free spins are a great way to receive risk free slot jackpots as you’re given a chance to win without having to invest any of your own hard earned cash.

Overall, as you can see there are a range of promotions within the gambling industry, designed to pull in a wide variety of online audiences as each site competes for players. Whilst there are still a decent amount of physical betting venues within the UK, statics clearly show a large shift in the amount of players migrating towards online gaming sites and in particular bingo.

With so many choices out there, it can often be difficult for the consumer to choose the best outlet for their gambling entertainment. However, one thing’s for sure, online gambling is on the rise and with fierce competition, there will never be a shortage of games to choose from.

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