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Tips for Picking the Winning Horse – Horse Racing Guide

Tips for picking a winning horse

Horse racing is one of the most complicated sports. When you dig below the surface, you’ll find many factors that influence a race. Fortunately, we have tips that’ll help pick the winning horse. There are many races in the lead-up to the Magic Million cup, and we will help you find the perfect horse. Read this guide till the end to know all about horse racing and how it works.

Tips for Picking a Winning Horse

There are hundreds of things to consider before picking a winning horse. But if you do this right, your chances of winning a bet will significantly improve. We met with our team of tipsters and pulled together 5 attributes to consider in picking a winning horse, which are mentioned below.

1. Check Through Previous Results

Many horses have done races on different tracks. Some are mud champions, while others blaze to the finish line on a straight track. Pick a horse that has an advantage on the track you are betting. This factor will increase your chances of winning.

2. Distance of The Race

Most horses have a limit to how far they can sprint before their stamina runs out. It’s best to check the distance each horse has covered in previous races before picking a winner. You’ll also need to check the track along with the distance. Some horses can run 2 furlongs on a plain track but won’t make 1 furlong on mud.

3. Relationship With The Jokey

A certain combination of Jockey, owner, and the track can prove good for a horse. When a horse is comfortable with a jokey, race becomes a sure win. But you need to go through several past races to determine if the jokey riding your winning horse has any successful races. Plus, you have to check the trainer's record. This information matters a lot when betting on a winning horse.

4. Type of Race Course

Certain horses have proven to dominate a specific racecourse. That’s why it’s always helpful to look through the racecards and check for previous winners. If a horse has been continuously finishing in the top 3, you have found your winner.

5. Pedigree of The Horse Your Are Betting

It's important to check the pedigree of the horse you are betting on, which will tell you many things you should know. For instance, pedigree will inform you about a horse's stamina. Moreover, you can also figure out whether your winning horse is at its peak or has a few years to go.

Final Thoughts

Horse racing is a passionate sport, and people from all over Australia gather for renowned races. One of which is the Magic Million Cup. If you plan to bet on a winning horse, the above tips will help you a lot. If you find a horse that checks all mentioned above, your winning chances will significantly improve. However, there is a bit of luck involved, so you can’t always win.