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Tips to engage football fans through Youtube

Football is a game that is loved all around the world. From kids to teenagers and even adults along with aged people, there are uncountable fans of the game worldwide. Football leagues and matches are some of the most-watched television events of the year. According to studies conducted by experts at cloud hosting platforms who offer cloudways free trial, more than a 100 million viewers have tuned in to watch broadcasts of football games each year since 2010.

Such events give immense opportunities to marketers and advertisers to promote their brands, products and services. YouTube has, in recent years, become one of the major ways where a brand is able to connect with football fans before, during and even after the football season is over. It presents brands with an opportunity to promote and expand their business and make the best out of the big game.

It is due to videos trending online, on YouTube, that fans are able to indulge in their passion for the game more than ever. While you can catch the live action and thrill of the game on television, you can relive that moment and replay it over and over again, even after years have passed, on YouTube. Our trusted friends and fans of the game at buy assignment online also state that it is on YouTube where fans listen to commentator analyses, watch behind-the-scene actions, watch game highlights and even listen to player interviews, while connecting with similar fans around the world. As a matter of fact, researches done on YouTube for football content show that it would take more than a whopping 2000 years for a person to watch all of it.

But YouTube is a place not just for football games and trivia. It has become the most loved place for fans who are looking to find anything and everything related to football. Experts at buy essay papers online conducted studies to examine viewer behaviours on YouTube during the football season and found the following tips that engaged football fans the most:


While football games last for a few hours on television, fans can watch hours after hours of football-related content before as well as after the season. Ads shown during Super Bowl have been repeatedly viewed millions of times, totalling to a staggering number of more than 300 million views in current times. Moreover, according to specialists at websites like buy assignment online, the brands that broadcasted ads before the game received more views and therefore more shares on social media in comparison to the ones that previewed ads during the game.


It is a fact well known that fans of the game resort to YouTube to watch highlights of the game, historic moments in the game, analyses of the commentary and even funny lip-sync videos. But in addition to these common videos, brands and businesses are also able to engage fans into things that are not directly related to the game. YouTube has a wide and diverse range of videos that connect themselves to football and help brands to create similar engaging content for football fans. From funny football vines, to football related tricks like the Slip ‘n Slide Football Battle by Dude Perfect and even football related cooking videos, there are many sub divisions of content related to YouTube that are increasing each day. Scholars at nursing assignment help also say that there has been a substantial increase in videos that show comedy related to football.

Moreover, apart from entertainment videos that engage football fans to YouTube, brands are also using food and cooking videos, interviewing and making favourite food of the players, and similar content, to attract fans.



Although they are fans of football, it does not mean that they watch only football videos or similar related content. Different fans have different interests and hobbies and that affects the type of content that they watch on YouTube. On studying patterns of viewership of the different categories of football related content, experts from term papers for sale explained that these fans were also quite interested in music, technology and automobile videos. The section of younger fans had an interest in comedy videos as well as movies, while the substantially older section were tuning into news related content. There was also a section of fans who were largely into content related to video games, and other different sports.

One of the major successes that a brand has had was Nissan. The brand used these tips and came out with an emotional Super Bowl campaign in 2015, titled #withdad. The brand successfully took the build-up and excitement of the game and released a well thought out football-related content on YouTube, that attracted a lot of fan attention to the brand while successfully giving out the brand’s message: that families and Nissan go very well together.

Moreover, in the weeks prior to the game, it collaborated with popular YouTubecreators and created content and celebrating fathers and showed how they give their families better lives. This way, the brand attracted a much larger audience, and potential football fans rather than just fans of the game.

With football continuously evolving and garnering interest and attention, it has become much more than just the football season. It is something that is celebrated all year around. This presents the brands and advertisers with opportunities to connect with more football fans as well as allure more people to the charm of the game while trying to help them become fans.

This is a huge opportunity for brands to do their best and engross viewers in the best way possible. Brands need to understand the types of video content that football fans like to watch. With well thought-out advertisements throughout the football season as well as the year, brands can connect, engage with and remain in the minds of the fans right from the beginning to the very end.

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