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Tips to Shuffle Poker Chips Successfully

Professional poker tournaments and matches are incomplete without shuffling poker chips. Players have to do this to get better concentrate or make the game more entertaining. Remember, it is easy to learn how to shuffle chips. To learn online poker chips, you can check agen sbobet or other online platforms. Here are some tips to shuffle poker chips successfully.

Initiate with Six Chips

Shuffling can be easy with a smaller number, such as six is the best amount to initiate. It allows you to choose three chips of a color and three of another color. In the absence of poker chips, you can practice with almost six coins of the same sizes. The shuffling method will be the same, but coins can be complicated to work.

Divide chips into two stacks (three each) and separate them by color. Different colors can help you to discriminate between different stacks. After shuffling correctly, you can end this shuffling with a stack of sporadic coins.

Put Two Stacks on a Surface

You must put two stacks on a smooth surface in front of you. Make sure to place them parallel to you. A soft surface can make shuffling easy. Feel free to practice on your bed, couch, pillow or another soft surface. With the improvement in your shuffling skills, feel free to switch to a firm surface.

Put Your Dominant Hand on the Chips

Remember, your hand must be parallel with a smooth surface. Position of your finger must point downward while touching your tips. Your index finger and thumb must be against opposite sides of a stack. Remember, your thumb must be near your body. A ring finger and pinky must be against other stacks. Put a middle finger between two stacks at a side away from the body.

Push Two Stacks together and Pull Fingers Upward

You have to apply slight pressure to two stacks with your pinky, ringer finger, index finger and thumb. Hook a middle finger to keep its tip underneath two piles at the middle. Allow two stacks to fall backward. Squeeze the fingers when pushing stacks so that these can come together.

Use Middle Finger to Guide Chips

Run a middle finger along with two stacks when they fall down. Feel free to use a middle finger to control fall of your chips, alternating two stacks appropriately. Once they are laced together, complete their scuffle by squeezing the hand entirely and create a single slack with six chips.

Slip a Slack and Repeat Everything Again

Lift upper three chips off from a tall stack between middle finger and thumb. Put these chips next to the base three and create two stacks of three disks. Shuffle once again, repeat and split until you are ready to do everything in a fluid motion.

Try to practice with different colors to make things easy for you. When shuffling chips, you must deal with two colors at a time. With consistent practice, you will be able to shuffle chips like a professional poker player.