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Top 3 Casino Games with the best winning odds

The main reason why people are so attracted to casino games is because of the fun factor and the promise of scoring big jackpots. However, not every casino game is created equal. There can be major differences in the potential pay outs of the games, and the odds of winning at them. Hence, it becomes important to be equipped with this information before you start playing any such games.

Regardless of whether you are playing at a reputed online casino platform like LeoVegas (detailed Leo Vegas review here) or on the casino floor of Bellagio, you must arm yourself with the knowledge of ‘house edge’, the statistical advantage held by a casino in any given casino game. What’s interesting is that you can even reduce this house edge by using certain strategies. However, on the whole, it makes great sense to play only those games that have the lowest house edge and give you the best chance of making some handsome profit from your place. Let’s tell you about the top 3 casino games that offer the best winning odds to the players.

Single Deck blackjack

The house edge in case of single deck blackjack is in the vicinity of 1.5%. Please know there are different variants of blackjack you can play in a casino environment, with the primary difference being in the number of cards (decks) used. Playing blackjack with a single deck can significantly improve your winning chances as the house edge gets considerably lower in such games. Use some basic strategy and bankroll management techniques on top of that, and you could be in with a chance to not only walk away with your own money but also some of the casino’s as well, in your pocket. Here’s an interview with a Blackjack pro to tell you more on that.


Another well-known casino game for its low house edge, craps is a huge favourite among people who love to play at brick and mortar casinos. However, when it comes to online casino environments, the multiple rules applied to the game often put off players from trying their chances. Regardless, the house edge of 1.4% makes craps one of the most promising casino games for the players. The beginners should particularly indulge in don’t ask/don’t come bets that have a house edge of 1.4%.


Perhaps you’re the kind of player who doesn’t have so much interest in slot machines and the promise of jackpot they offer, but constantly yearn for a no-frills game that isn’t too complicated, and promises good pay outs still. How about a comparatively less action oriented game such as craps , and some basic strategy to deliver just that? That’s the casino game Baccarat for you. The bettors are only allowed to place wagers on a tie, banker or the player. That’s it!

There are rigid rules when it comes to card distribution in the game. The best bet available to US on the player as the banker bet normally has a fee associated with it. So, simply sit back, relax and relish a conventional casino game that has a very rich history to it. And yes, the house edge is merely 1.5%!