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Top 3 UK slot games

As far as online gambling options go, there is definitely an obvious choice it seems that more and more players are leaning towards and that is the online slot game. Check out a full range of the best slot games over at Dreamjackpot.

Taking over from the beloved fruit machines that are now collecting a little more dust than they used to, sat in the corners of our local pubs, bars and chip shops, the online slot game has well and truly kicked off and become a sensation in it’s own right. Coming in various themes, original layouts and involving graphics and animations that seem to improve by the day, the online video slot is something of a sensation within the thriving online gambling industry.

There are many top developers who are always striving to improve the playing experience, too, with the likes of Yggdrasil being known for their amazing graphics, Microgaming being renowned for their history in the field and NetEnt Gaming, with their consistency and prolificness in deliver nothing but solid slots.

With so many to choose from, you might find yourself wondering: ‘What are the best online slot games?’

Whilst this is, of course, completely down to preferences regarding budgets, layouts, themes and more of the like, we have done our best to provide our own top 3 UK online slots. So without further ado, here they are, our top 3 UK online slots;

Rainbow Riches

These are in no particular order but, as one of the first online slot games to emerge, Rainbow Riches simply has to be on the list and it has to come first here, too.

Whilst the original Rainbow Riches may not be as glitzy as some of the newer games out these days, it deserves to be loved and played purely for the legacy it has left. There is now a long list of titles in this entertaining series, with games varying in terms of what bonus features and prizes they offer.

The Codfather

One of the best things about online slot games is their good sense of humour.

If you like a good laugh, but also a really unique theme and the chances of securing a decent score, try The Codfather for size. Parodying the famous mafia movie classic, The Godfather, this game is a fishy take on mafia theme with plenty of laughs to be had along the way. Let’s hope you don’t end up sleeping with the fishes though.

Zombie Rush Slot

Sticking on the cinematic style, our third and final choice is a zombie apocalypse themed game that has seriously good production value.

Some of the best graphics around are featured in Zombie Rush Slot, with these superb animations bringing a slot game about the undead, truly to life! You follow the narrative of a group of friends trying to flee this horror movie style setting and will hopefully pick up some big wins along the way. Playable across all major platforms, this is the pinnacle of what online slot games are capable of.

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