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Top 5 Tips to Care for a Cockfighting Rooster

Cockfighting is an old sport that dates back to over 4000 years. The sport is trendy in Asia-Pacific countries such as the Dominican Republic, Philippines, Thailand, and Puerto Rico. Here you can find cockfighting clubs all over the country. This sport is partly cultural and religious. However, cockfighting sport is widely practiced for entertainment and gambling. So, how do you raise and prepare a rooster for cockfighting events? Below is a list of pointers that can guide you to raise a rooster suitable for such an event.

1.      Maintain A Proper Diet For The Rooster

For a rooster to be healthy and able to fight in a cockfight ring, its nutritional needs must be met. The standard weight of a healthy rooster is five pounds, and for two roosters to fight, they must weigh within two ounces of each other. The best meals to feed a fighting rooster include oats, long grain rice, wheat, corns, split peas, and barley. These specific diets should be introduced once the roster is sexually mature. It is essential to provide the cock with sufficient water, too, day and night.

2.      Select the Right Breed

Some chicken breeds are gentle, while others are pretty aggressive. A good cockfighting rooster should exhibit the following characteristics; A good eye and face structure, long and strong legs, a sizable beak and neck length, and a well-confirmed body. Before selecting a fighting rooster sabong international, investigate the performance of its ancestors. The best fighting breeds include Aseel, Kagar, Chitta, Teekar Reza, and Yarkin. A fighting rooster should be separated from the other chicken before its first month.

3.      Construct a Good Shelter

A good coop for a fighting rooster is that which is large enough and made of a comfortable material. Keep the coop floor tidy by cleaning it regularly to avoid bad smells and illness for the rooster. Confine the rooster at night for a peaceful sleep and to protect it from predators. Additionally, raise the shelter to prevent flooding. The best place to rear a fighting rooster is away from urban areas to protect it from noise and air pollution, leading to physical damage and respiratory problems.

4.      Train The Rooster

Before a gamecock can enter any cockpit such as the one accessed from sabong international, make sure you make it through 21-day training. Training is meant to boost its mental strength, stamina and provide it with new fighting tactics. The most effective training for a gamecock is stamina jumps, swimming, and typical running. Train the rooster every day for one hour in the morning and another one hour in the evening.

5.      Introduce A Pecking Order

If you are keeping multiple fighting roosters, it is advisable to introduce a pecking order. According to its fighting abilities, a pecking order introduces a hierarchy level where a rooster is ranked higher than the others. The reason behind this strategy is to eradicate unnecessary conflicts among the roosters.

To raise a rooster for it to compete in a big platform like the sabong international is not an easy job. It is a hands-down job of art that needs complete devotion and the right rooster, of course success in your gamecock preparation journey.