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Top 6 Useless Online Casino Hacks 2019

Every so often, someone comes up with an idea how to hack something to make your life easier or make more money. Casinos are not an exception. A lot of experts claim that if you follow some steps, you will have better chances of winning, guaranteed.

The thing is, most of these are useless. So, what are the six most useless online casino hacks in 2019?

Here they are:

  1. Bonus abuse
  2. Hacking the system
  3. Using someone else’s login
  4. Counting cards
  5. Player collusion
  6. Chasing the right slots

Let us take a look at each one and explain why these hacks are mostly useless and sometimes harmful.

Bonus Abuse

Bonus abuse is a technique where a gambler signs up on the same casinos with different email addresses. The goal of this hack is to get the same bonus again and again, and this is mostly applied to no deposit bonuses.

Well, it does not work. A casino can easily spot your IP address. Casinos are programmed to detect a sign-up with the same IP address and block the extra one or both. In the last two decades, casino algorithms have become sophisticated, so this will not work anymore.

The other method is to sign-up for an account at different casinos. The hack requires that you sign up for no deposit bonus casinos, including BTC casino no deposit bonus.

After the sign-up, the casino will give you either free cash or free spins, which you can use to play.

Again, it will not work. The reason behind this is that free money is not exactly free money. There are so many rules involved before you can withdraw whatever you won from playing the games.

Bonuses were designed in such a way that winning money from it is close to impossible, let alone withdraw some of it.


Hacking the System

People think that hacking computers is an easy task. Hollywood glamorised this, and movies like Mission: Impossible and Ocean's Eleven make it seem so easy. All you have to do is to buy a software and connect to the casino you want to hack.

Then, your skills and your software combined will give you an administrator’s access. You will have so much power that you can give credits to your account, and then you can play or withdraw as much as you want.

This hack, of course, never works. Casinos are businesses that have heavy backers and investors. And since it is a business about money, there certainly are precautions that these investors took, one of which is cyber-security.

Casinos use top-grade firewalls and encryption systems. As you may have observed, all casinos have SSL Certificates, and they use 128-bit encryption.

What do these things mean?

Online casinos are a fortress of security. They are built to prevent Trojans and worms from getting through. They employ dozens of smart people who put up systems to protect their asset, and the lone hacker like you do not stand a chance.

The 128-bit encryption alone is difficult to crack. This level of protection means you need a string of 128 characters that function as a key. It will take you years of dedicated labour to crack this code before you can enter that fortress.

Just to put things in perspective, you need 500 billion years to be able to crack a 128-bit encryption key, and you are using a powerful machine at that.

Using Someone Else’s Login

So, hackers will deploy a Trojan virus in your PC, and then this virus will make a key-logger work to record the keys you typed.

After some time, they now know your username and password. And then what? Supposedly, they will log in, then they will use your account to play.

Well, it doesn’t work. To begin with, a casino’s system will detect if a player is logging in from a different IP address or a different country. It triggers an alarm, and it will send a confirmation email to the person trying to log in.

If the casino and the player are advanced enough, they will even use a two-factor authentication, and most people will use their mobile phones to get that activated.

In another scenario, let us say that the hacker was able to hack into your account and play. How is this hacker going to transfer the money out of your casino account to his bank? It is not going to work.

As a casino player, your name must match the documents you send. Your online banking details must also match your casino account details.

The hacker has no way of getting out your funds. He also has no way to add funds to your account because now, he has to know your credit card number’s three-digit security code.

If you are using Neteller or Skrill, the same thing applies. He need to know the passwords to your e-wallet before he can deposit money.

Counting Cards


Now, this is debatable. While there certainly are card counters, learning this trick is much easier said than done.

Card counters are rare because you need special skills to do it. Only specifically intelligent people can count cards. Now, there are seven recognised forms of intelligence, so while you may be a great wordsmith or musician, it does not mean that your brain can process the card counting techniques like professionals do.

Besides, casinos are smart enough to counter this. All table games have a time limit before the dealer proceeds with the game. Whether it is live or computerised, the time limit is applied to prevent card counters from doing their stuff.

Player Collusion

Player collusion is what happens when a group of players talk and plan how to beat a table. This hack is used mostly on live poker games where these people are going to go against a few other players.

In this method, their decisions are discussed in a private chat. Better yet, they are on a live call so they can discuss what is going on the poker table and make appropriate decisions.

They decide who should fold and who should raise. They make this decision by revealing their hand with each other. Since they know who has the strongest hand, they can force a competitor to raise, re-raise, or fold.

At the end of the day, the group will split their winnings. Well, this does not work because you have no control over your hands, and you have no control on how the other players will react.

If you really think about it, poker players who are smart enough know when to fold and when to raise, so you really cannot expect them to make calls according to how you want them to decide.

Chasing the Right Slots


Many players suggest that you should only choose those that have high RTP or low volatility. Those who register online with free Bitcoin casino bonuses look for these kinds of slots, hoping to meet the wagering requirements soon and then cash out.

While their arguments may make sense, this hack certainly does not work.

Even if a slot has a high RTP, it does not mean that you are the lucky player who will win that jackpot. On the other hand, a slot with a low variance may make it easier to win, but your wins do not really amount to much.

Slot machine developers take all these things into account before they decide in the payouts. And as always, all games were designed to favour the house. And as always, the house always wins.


Whether you are paying with cash or you are into Bitcoin gambling, hacks do not work. Games are always designed to have random results, and players can only win through sheer luck.

Stop following these so-called hacks, as they only mislead you. You will have false expectations and only get frustrated if they do not work. What you should do instead is just to play and enjoy.