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Top Jackpot Slots to Play in 2020

What better way to relax and unwind with a jackpot slot gaming session or two? And, now in 2020 with the amount of amazing new releases we are not short of feeling spoilt for choice. So much so in fact that the hardest thing about gaming with jackpot slots these days is choosing which game to play. The best jackpot slots to play at SlotsUK in 2020 are those that offer the most variation and fun themes that can take the player from the jungle to the city. 

Mega Moolah Online Slot Game 

This online jackpot slot game is potentially one of the most popular and well known options to play out thanks to the big jackpot wins and huge cash pay outs people that people have have got rich from. Mega Moolah slot is the one for you if you are on the look out for an ultra fun online slot experience and a good jackpot potential win. 

With 25 pay lines and a multi million pound progressive jackpot, with Megah Moolah you just can not go wrong. Simple graphics alongside fun and whimsical visuals make this one a great gaming choice for those who love an immersive playing experience. 

Mega Moolah was created by the games masters at Microgaming, which is also home to some of the other most popular online jackpot slot games out there as well as this one. This jackpot slot game has been set to the theme of wild animals which you will find as symbols deep in the jungle, with a background of luscious green views. 

Mermaid Millions Online Slot Game

This online slot game is among the more older slot games that you can expect to find in Microgaming’s portfolio, but this online jackpot slot game is still going strong thanks to the straight forward game play and entertaining theme. Mermaid Millions online slot game is one of Microgaming’s most iconic titles and for good reason. 

With its vibrant aquatic theme with captivating mermaid characters, Mermaid Millions also comes with fab features and powerful jackpots, all of which make the ideal ingredients for a recipe of a great online jackpot slot game. To really get to know these magical aquatic creatures, just dive deep into the mermaids lair and you can get up close and personal. Plus, if they like you, you might even get a share of some of the buried treasures hidden at the bottom of the ocean which only the special few actually know about. 

White Rabbit Online Slot Game

White Rabbit slot is one that you will not want to miss out on. Based on that all time classic favourite that we all know and love, the story of Alice in Wonderland. This online jackpot slot is based more on the white rabbit that she finds after following it and falling into a hole. A situation that you could say we have all found ourselves in at one point or another when we ourselves have been caught up in the land of dreams.

As a side note - some interesting trivia. There are many theories as to what Alice in Wonderland is exactly about - is it allegorical? Or merely a metaphor? The jury remains. Some people have speculated that the author, Lewis Carrol, was on drugs at the time of writing, however it is surprising to note that this classic story was written in 1865, a time before drugs were commonplace.  

Whatever the theories, this is one online slot game that is guaranteed to whisk you into a whirlwind of fantasy. White Rabbit is set across five reels and comes with 248382 pay lines - yep, you read that right. Released by the makers at Big Time Gaming, the slot game itself offers gamers incredible graphics and fantastic symbols which just might take you to wonderland. 

Tomb Raider Online Slot Game 

This online slot game has great graphics and a fantastic game play and it is really not a surprise that this is an award winning game. Tomb Raider as a slot game has a lot to offer players that love a thrilling experience, and this game is definitely one for any fan of the classic movie. 

To get your jackpot, just join Lara Croft in raiding the tombs and play with the reels to be in for the win. This online slot game makes a great playing choice for any sci fi lovers out there as well, as it is based on the original Tomb Raider movie and it is quite true to it.

The Tomb Raider online slot game is set across five reels and comes with 25 pay lines, as with most other online slot games, but unlike other online slot games, Tomb Raider also comes with a massive range of great features. One of the best fantastic features for you to get your hands on is in the form of those free spins. If you are tough enough, you can make it to the free spins round, just get the Lara Croft symbol anywhere on the reels.

Vikings Go Wild

You can be sure to have a wild gaming experience with this online slot game, Vikings Go Wild. This game has a great jackpot and has been released by the makers at Yggdrasil Gaming, with a cartoon style graphic visual that is set across five reels with 25 pay lines. Inspired by, you guessed it, vikings, the slot resembles the famous animation How to Train a Dragon. 

Which will you play for a big jackpot win? 

With such a great range of jackpot slot releases in 2020 and the many more to come, check them out online to find which is best suited for you - and do not be afraid to try out the games either. Take note of the theme and the one that you like the look of most so that overall, you enjoy the game as much as you would the jackpot. Well, actually, perhaps almost as much.