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Top most interesting facts about online casinos

If you are interested in the casino industry, here are some shocking facts that will interest you. How did the online casino industry begin? Can a casino cheat its players? Check here!

Amazing casino facts you've probably never heard of

When the Internet has become world-famous, online entertainment has also become popular. Statistics show that an incredible number of people are fond of online games. Age does not matter here: both children and seniors like to spend an hour or two playing exciting online games. In the modern world, when depositing or withdrawing funds, you can use cryptocurrency, which is also a plus. Just remember that before you start gambling/betting, it is recommended to take a look at the full review of the decentralized betting platform you are interested in, just to be on the safe side and to be completely sure the portal is a reliable one. 

First online casino

Not so long ago, people who dreamt of hitting the jackpot had to go to special gambling establishments, travel many kilometers to the nearest casino, and endure various inconveniences. Nowadays, everything is possible without leaving the comfort of your home! It became possible back in 1997 when the first online casino was created - Internet Casino System Version 4. Surprisingly, the pioneer did not have much income. But rather, the potential of online projects was appreciated. Now, the online casino industry is rapidly developing and growing. Diverse deposit and withdrawal methods are available, including crypto.


The emergence of crypto has made it possible to develop a variety of related industries. It is also increasingly used in online gambling establishments, being a safe, anonymous, and highly secure payment option. Of course, there are fake casinos that try to steal money, but now the scam industry is disappearing, so there are a lot of positive reviews about crypto casinos. Positive crypto casino reviews underline the convenience of this method, the high speed of payments, and instant withdrawals. People like it, and that's understandable. This direction is fascinating and promising, allowing people to get a completely new experience in games thanks to cryptocurrency.

An incredible record: 30 minutes

It took a resident of Finland thirty minutes only to become richer by 18 million euros. This win is definitely among the biggest ones in the history of gambling. As a rule, large winnings are often expected in poker, but that was not the case. That lucky dude played a slot game for the first time in his life!

Age of players

Many people think that teenagers are addicted to gambling. But it is a false belief. The average age here is about thirty. People of this age spend about three hours a day enjoying gambling. Younger individuals play ordinary games (not in casinos) and start getting interested in casino entertainment with age. 

Casino returns

The trick is that at least 1 cent of the wagered amount goes to the casino. The number of players is huge in casinos, as well as its profit. Understandably, gambling establishments are always trying to attract players. Visit any website, and you will be met with an attractive design, a variety of colors, and a lot of amazing bonuses and offers. 

Many people have tried to find a way to win. You will be surprised, but even Einstein was trying to learn more about the strategy of casino success. If you want to calculate the regularity of numbers in roulette, for example, to win, you will be unlucky here: it is impossible. All methods of cheating in online gambling establishments have no practical basis. The moment of uncertainty is an essential ingredient that adds a special thrill to the game.

Celebrities who gamble

Many celebrities like to gamble as well! George Clooney, Tobias Maguire, Matthew Damon, Cameron Diaz, and many others enjoy playing both online and offline casinos. George Clooney even opened his own casino. Can you imagine? 


Many people are crazy about online lotteries. As we know, Online casinos offer not only gambling and betting. There are also lotteries to try your luck! Many casinos organize lottery prize draws. Statistics show that lotteries are becoming increasingly popular. Lotteries give gambling establishments about half of the total income.

Countries into gambling

What countries like gambling the most? Statistics show that residents of Cyprus leave lots of money in casinos (about 2.5 million euros). Online gambling is also really popular in Australia. Gambling is also popular in many other countries (not only these two), as it is a great way for people to forget about stress and get rid of tension in the comfort of their homes. 


Poker is indeed one of the leaders in popularity. Even slots are less popular. That's understandable: it is much more interesting to enjoy playing with a real person, no matter where both of you are located. 

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