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Toulon Tournament 2019 Odds

Who wins the Toulon Tournament 2019?

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Toulon Tournament 2019

The Toulon Tournament is a football tournament which traditionally features invited national teams composed of under-21 players. The tournament was started by Maurice Revello in 1967 and even today, it is a world tournament that is not organized by FIFA or an individual national association. The tournament is considered as the most prestigious of all friendly tournaments involving U-21 teams. It was deemed as the unofficial world championship before FIFA introduced the official World Youth Cup in 1977. The tournament has a different rule of having 40-minutes per half instead of 45. The first tournament was held between clubs and in 1974 the rules were changed into having only national teams consisting under-21 players. The tournament have been taking place every year since 1974. The tournament is held in southeastern France and the final is held in Toulon. The most successful team of the tournament is France as they have won the tournament 12 times.

The 2019 Toulon Tournament will be 47th edition of the tournament and will take place from 1st June to 15th June. England is the defending champions and have won the competition three times in a row from 2016 to 2018. 12 teams have been announced in March and April 2019 and they will fight to win the tournament.

The teams who could win the tournament are:

France U-21:

France U-21 could win this tournament and make it their 13th title. The last time they won was in 2015 and became the runner-up in 2016. Since then, they failed to make it to the top four of the tournament. They are one of the favorites to win this year.

England U-21:

England U-20 failed to qualify for the U-20 FIFA World Cup 2019 and the U-21 team will keep their complete focus on the Toulon Tournament 2019. They could win again this year and make it a fourth time in a row. If England U-21 wins this year’s tournament it will be their eighth title in total which will make them the second most successful team of this tournament alongside Brazil.

Mexico U-21:

Mexico U-21 have only won this tournament once in 2012 but they came very close last year when they went on to the final of the tournament. They lost to England 2-1 in the final but they could come back this year to win their second Toulon Tournament.

Brazil U-21:

Brazil U-21 have won this tournament eight times already and could come back to win their 9th this year. They won back to back titles in 2013 and 2014 but have not won the tournament since then. They are also one of the favorites to win this year.


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