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Validate Your Basic Knowledge of Microsoft 365 through MS-900 Exam and Earn the Related Certification

If you are a practitioner in the IT field, you have probably heard about cloud computing and how it is the backbone of all future IT applications. Currently, cloud computing has made it easy to digitally link everything. It has created a world of opportunities by offering efficient apps and services that can be used by both private and business entities. Various studies have predicted that in the future, many companies’ processes as well as all skills will be cloud-based and therefore automated.

You can also be a part of this fast-growing trend and lucky for you Microsoft has presented many certifications and exams that major on specific roles relating to the cloud computing sphere. One such credential is Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals. It was designed for newbies in the field and shows the holder’s understanding of Microsoft 365 features at a core level. With this badge, you can apply for job positions like a business user or Microsoft 365 administrator. But before you get there, you have to objectives , Microsoft 365 Fundamentals known by code as MS-900. The next section outlines a closer look at this assessment.

Exam MS-900 Description

MS-900 is best suited for applicants who have basic knowledge of Software as Service (SaaS) and understand what advantages can be gained by implementing Microsoft 365 elements. Candidates should also be able to work with different Microsoft products i.e. they have to know the key details of tool , Dynamics 365 and Azure. Its syllabus covers four major topics as listed below:

  • Cloud concepts — 10-15%

This domain involves information about various cloud services available and the merits of using them as compared to other learning .

  • Core Microsoft 365 concepts and services — 30-35%

This section focuses on your understanding of the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and diverse task  that can be deployed.

  • Microsoft 365 security, trust, compliance, and privacy — 30-35%

This section entails looking into any issues that may pose a threat to data on Microsoft 365 applications as well as techniques to overcome them.

  • Microsoft 365 support and pricing — 20-25%

This domain covers principles of a pricing plan, lifecycle, and licensing aspects acceptable on the exam coded .

How to Prepare for MS-900 Effectively?

The main tip you should remember when studying for MS-900 is to try different revision materials and choose those that work best for you. There are many options available like free and paid training provided by Microsoft, study guides, and practice tests. Also, don’t miss video courses since their interactive manner will improve information retention. Moreover, they are often led by IT experts and successful versions , so you’ll be able to get simple explanations of complex concepts.


The Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certification exposes you to the basics of cloud services. Attaining this credential may spark your interest in digging deeper into other disciplines related to this field and even achieve higher-level badges. All this can be achieved by making your first step right which involves using appropriate MS-900 study materials such as video training, practice tests, and study guides. Thorough training will give you a chance to ace the test easily at your first attempt!