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Top Betting Sites Launches Great New Sports Vlog


 New Vlog on Top Betting Sites- How it Can Help You Bet

Conducting extensive research when you’re betting online is important. The work you need to do as a punter is not only about checking the different odds at different bookmakers, although this is a huge part of it. You also need to understand what is going on behind the scenes; and what is driving the odds to be what they are in the first place.

There are plenty of helpful articles that give basic guidelines on how different sports work, and how various bets operate. These are great, and you should read as many of them as possible. As your insights and experience, you’ll find more advanced information to keep up with your budding skills as a punter.

Sometimes, however, watching experts discuss sports is easier than reading what they write about it. On the other hand, a panel of serious insiders can be quite intimidating, even if you’re just watching at home. Top Betting Sites has just introduced a vlog that brings all the information you want when watching people discuss a sport that you’re interested in together with the camaraderie that you have yourself when you discuss sports with a friend. Odds, insights and buddies teasing each other are in perfect balance on the Top Betting Sites Sports Vlog.

Hosts with the Know How

The hosts of the Sports Vlog on Top Betting Sites are Jacque and Antonio, who go by the nicknames Bieber and Banderas. Their accents clearly reveal that they are from different parts of the world, and they have distinct styles and personalities too. Watching them rub along and tease each other is entertaining, but not so distracting that you can’t pay attention to the very real information that they provide.

The enjoyable way that the important facts about athletes and events are delivered makes them easy to access and remember, which will stand you in good stead when you’re choosing what bets to place at the sites that you’ve found are offering the best odds. They might seem like a little bit of a motley crew of two when you first watch, but it will soon become quite clear that they know what they’re talking about and are likeable enough to grow on you very quickly.

In addition to the other information that Jacques and Antonio provide, they do actually mention some of the best odds on specific events. They’re not a replacement for a proper odds comparison among betting sites, but they could be considered a good point to start from. Once you’re finished with the serious business of listening to what they have to say about sports, you can watch the funniest moments and outtakes from the show. Get engaged in an enjoyable sense of community that should enhance your overall betting experience.

A Focus on Football for Now

Jacques and Antonio clearly have a first love, and that is Football. The Sports Vlogs so far have focused almost exclusively on The Beautiful Game so far, and there is certainly enough action going on in the world of Footy to fill the relatively short vlog episodes.

Top Betting Sites has, however, clearly asserted that the Bieber and Banderas pair is passionate and knowledgeable about many other sports. It seems likely that they are focusing on the most popular sport in the world to play, watch and bet on, and that once they have grown their fanbase and following to a decent size they will branch out and comment on events in other sports. If this is something you’d like to see, give them a like and sign up as a subscriber to their YouTube channel.