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Wagering Requirements and Online Slot Bonuses

If you have been tempted by elusive bonuses and tried to claim the prize, but you couldn’t withdraw your sweet winning; then you should know you are not the first one to face this hassle. For a clean transaction of money, you should know about the wagering requirements and how it impacts your ability to withdraw your winnings from video slot machines.

What Does “Wagering Requirement” Mean?

When we are talking about “Wager”, we mean the amount of bet that you stake. You’ll come across a wagering requirement when you are claiming casino bonuses. For example, a welcome bonus which offers you 100% of your deposit amount “deposit £5 and get £30” to play with. Here each bonus will have a wagering requirement attached to it, which is ultimately the amount you will be required to bet before you’ll be able to withdraw any money from your online account once you’ve deposited your money. The casinos can put the requirement as you have to 5x your bet for your withdrawal.

How to Calculate Wagering Requirements?

Suppose, the online casino is offering you £40 as a welcome bonus to sign up, you deposit £20 and the wagering requirement is 5x of your deposit amount. This is how you will calculate:

£40 welcome bonus x 5 wagering requirement = £200. It means if you wish to withdraw your money from your online casino account, you will have to bet a total amount of £200. It can also be said that deposit money should be added on the wager too. £20 deposit money + £40 welcome bonus x 5 = £300, it describes that the amount you need to bet would be £300. So, we can see that even a small detail can make a big difference. This is why it’s important to read the terms and conditions of the wagering requirements on the casinos carefully before claiming any online slot bonuses.

The necessity of Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements need to be followed in casino industries for protection against anti-money laundering laws and regulations. The player should be abided by it to stop criminal activities; operating by “cleaning” their black money through depositing into an online casino and immediately withdrawing it.

How to Be Sure About the Wagering Requirements?

By the law and the regulations, the legal online casinos are obliged to display wagering requirements and the terms and conditions so that players can verify them and are fully informed before accepting them. The terms and conditions can be seen in promotional e-mails or on the promotional pages, but if you’re having any doubt, online casino’s customer care service is always there to help.

Wager Free Bonus Offers

Gladly, some bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements bounded to them, and although they are usually smaller bonuses than you see in promotional pages. If you are searching for a bonus without depositing any money, wager free bonuses are a brilliant one to take advantage of. It can either come as a zero deposit bonus offers or you can get wager-free extra spins.