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What are the most popular sports betting markets in Thailand?

Online gambling is a hugely popular pastime for many Thai residents, with a vast number of them having decided to take advantage of the options that have been made available to them.

Those that are in the know will realise that online gambling within the country is actually illegal, however that does not appear to have had an impact on restricting its popularity. In fact, it was perhaps always going to be extremely hard as the wagering activities have always been incredibly popular and continues to grow.

Indeed, the emergence of offshore sports betting sites has made it even easier for Thai bettors to enjoy iGaming activities even more, with this particular option appealing to casino players who are well adverse to playing at the best Thai online casino available to them.

With the continued growing trend of residents in Thailand becoming involved in sports betting, which sports are the most popular to place a wager on?

Football is the clear winner

Perhaps a little unsurprising, the football betting markets are the favourite for Thai punters at the moment. The sport has a global appeal and is played in particularly every single country in the world, whilst recent years has seen an influence from the Asian country emerge in some of the biggest leagues the game has to offer.

For instance, Leicester City has seen their popularity in Thailand grow due to the owners of the club, whilst their fairytale Premier League win in the 2015/16 season will have only skyrocketed interest as no one had ever expected the Foxes to achieve what they had managed to do that year.

Martial Arts and Combat sports

Martial arts such as Muay Thai and boxing have continued to be extremely popular sports within the continent of Asia, with Thailand boasting a huge market for these particular types of disciplines.

With sportsbooks able to provide Thai residents with a number of betting markets now across these sports, many have turned in their numbers to placing wagers on these events to help further enhance their viewing of the sports and potentially make them even more enjoyable than they once were when watching the action unfold.

What other sports are popular to bet on in Thailand?

Given that sportsbooks are now able to provide punters all around the world with a vast array of different betting markets, almost every single sport provides bettors with a level of accessibility that they would not have even been able to imagine they would have had a few years ago.

Indeed, this level of accessibility has helped some sports to grow more in popularity from a betting point of view, although the physical sport itself may actually be one that has always been a favorite.

Sports such as basketball, snooker, golf, tennis, and badminton have always been extremely popular, especially as each of them has had a number of success stories in regard to those who participate, and with the ability to wager on them across a variety of markets, they have only become more appealing.