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What New Online Betting Sites in the UK Do Different

You’ve got a need. You want to bet on football, cricket, tennis or boxing. Although you can bet at the big sportsbooks, you’d prefer to bet at a new bookie site. Are you making a mistake? Do new sportsbooks have anything to offer?

Surprisingly, they do. In fact, some new betting apps provide much better services than the more famous sportsbooks in the UK. Here’s what we mean:

Neat, Intuitive Websites

New betting websites have played a big role in changing how online sportsbooks take care of their sites. The new companies have beautiful, intuitive websites designed to optimize user-experience, from speed to navigation.

A decade ago, many of the well-known betting sites didn’t care about user-experience. They had sites that were too difficult to use. And would crash often or take too long to open pages.

Nowadays, every new bookie wants to have the most beautiful betting site online. What’s more, they care about your experience. And as a result, they have teams that work round the clock to ensure the betting sites run smoothly even during peak betting hours.

A Full Range of Betting Markets

When you visit many new betting websites, you’ll find just about any betting product. You love to bet on South American football? It’s availed every day. You enjoy betting on video game competitions? Choose an eSports sportsbook.

In the usual style, bookies dedicate the center section of their websites to upcoming games. However, you can navigate through a long catalogue of sports to find specific teams and competitions.

Talking about betting products, new betting sites offer an array of betting types as well. It’s not like in the old days when all you could wager on was the match winner. Nowadays, you can even bet on the number of corners and cards in the game.

You should also always look for the quality of the odds offered. This may be one of the most common features of new betting sites in UK - new bookies have to provide competitive odds to help maximize your profits and lure bettors to their websites. Bet through these sportsbooks to get the best returns on your investment. 

Smooth, Fast Banking

We’ll admit—banking has always been an issue in the online betting industry. No, not every bookmaker is a fraud. However, many established betting companies don’t provide the quality of banking sports gamblers in the UK deserve.

To provide a solution, new betting sites have added their lists of payment partners. Instead of forcing you to use Visa or MasterCard, they now give you the option to deposit and withdraw through leading e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

That’s right. You don’t have to deposit money through the pound sterling if you believe Bitcoin is the future of money. Importantly, the revolution in banking doesn’t end at payment options. It also extends to the fees, limits and speeds.

When you join a great new betting site, you can expect free deposits regardless of your amount. The deposit speeds are almost always instant and the limits range from £10 to £10,000.

You can also find bookies with limits in excess of £100,000. But for many people, the goal is to look for fast payments and low fees.

Creative Bonuses and Promotions

The days of exploitive betting bonuses are coming to an end. And we have new betting sites to thank. You see, many established sportsbooks have been giving out bonuses with harsh conditions for a long time.

This made it difficult to find a quality free bet. Now, things are changing and bookies are focusing more on quality. Instead of giving you £1000 in bonuses, you can receive a £50 free bet with no wager terms.

That means your £50 bonus is like free money. All you need is to use it in a game you can predict correctly. Of course, you need to adhere to rules like 1.5 odds, and spend it within a week. Otherwise, it might expire.

Besides quality bonuses, new betting sites have a huge variety of unique promotions:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • First deposit bonuses
  • Early cash outs
  • Bonus boosters
  • Cash backs

For clarity, every sportsbook determines which bonuses to give out. It’s up to you to determine which freebie you love the most and find the right company. If you’re lucky to find a site with a little bit of everything, create an account immediately.

Betting Apps

Over 50% of sports bettors in the UK bet through their phones. That means the modern sportsbooks can’t thrive online without an app. Of course, people are picky and choose only the best betting apps.

In 2010, the best betting apps had top ratings on Google and Apple play stores. In 2021, a betting app doesn’t have to be downloadable. Today’s betting companies have designed websites that operate efficiently on mobile devices.

Known as mobile web apps, these bookmakers allow you to bet through your browser—Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Browser apps operate just as smoothly as native apps, with the benefit that you don’t need to reduce storage space on your phone.

Live Betting

Have you been to a betting site lately? They all have a feature called in-play betting. Thanks to this service, you can wager on virtually any match in the middle of the action. The beauty of live betting is that it’s exciting.

It drives your adrenaline to tremendous levels. You have to watch a game to bet on it correctly. The odds change constantly but this only means you can make multiple bets in a game. It’s risky because you could lose money quickly. But if you’re correct, you can win more money than betting before a game starts.

Live Streaming and Betting Analyses

There are certain things no one thought a betting site could do two decades ago. Think of watching football through a betting app. Why would a bookie allow you to do that? Think of a betting site that analyses a match and even makes a prediction.

You can find these features at some new betting sites. They let you watch certain matches if you’re a regular punter. On the flip side, they have a service to show live scores, and share betting information you could use to improve your winning rate.