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What Online Casino Has The Best Payouts?

Looking for the online casino that offers the best return for your betting dollar isn't as simple as you might think. A lot of factors go into determining the reputation of an online casino. It isn't just about which casino tends to pay the most when luck is on your side. Some sites offer impressive payout statistics, and yet, players are frustrated with the length of time it takes to get the money.

It also depends on what you're looking to play. One site may have the best slot machines, but it's far from the best place to play poker or blackjack. For this reason, rankings of online casinos can rarely be boiled down into a single number or a single list that recommends one site above all others. It's all about what's best suited to your needs while proving to be a reputable site you can trust with your money. 

How to Find Online Casinos With the Best Payouts

With the popularity of online casinos on the rise in recent years, some countries have gone to great lengths to clarify what constitutes illegal gambling. For instance, many states in the United States do not allow sites to exist for the purpose of gambling for actual money. However, if the casino is in another country, playing there does not violate any rules. Other states have outlawed games known as skilled gaming, such as poker. Card games like poker and blackjack saw a huge rise in popularity in the past decade, even commonly broadcasted on channels devoted to sports and recreation. However, the craze died out quickly when most online poker rooms were closed for good.

The United States isn't the only country to extend gambling laws to internet websites. Many online casinos primarily offer slots and other games of pure chance to comply with regulations. For this reason, lists of the best casinos often need sorting by location. 

Overall Importance Of RTP

Aficionados of online slot machines will often see "RTP" listed in conjunction with being the best casino out there. In fact, "RTP" can be applied to most games run by a casino, whether online or in physical form. The acronym stands for "return-to-player", and it indicates the amount of the money spent on a game that will ultimately be paid out to players in the form of winnings.

When people talk about the house having an advantage or the fact that "the house always wins," they're somewhat right. An RTP ratio of 100% wouldn't cover any of the casino's costs. However, the higher the RTP, the greater your chance of winning. Slot machines often have the highest RTP ratios, sometimes topping 98%. In contrast, most gamblers know that roulette is one of the least profitable games in a casino because the RTP ratio hovers near 93% at best.

In general, online casinos that offer RTP of over 97.5% with slots and other games of chance are considered highly reputable. If you find slots offering 92%-93% RTP, it's the equivalent of predatory gambling, and you should steer clear. 

Payout Times: How Long Should You Wait?

Another reliability indicator is how long it takes before an online casino is willing to cash out your winnings. If you happen to win an exorbitant amount at a casino game, you can expect it to take a little while longer before the check clears your account. However, most winnings should be available for withdrawal no more than two or three days after the fact. Any casino that routinely takes two weeks before the funds are available to you is a place you'll be wise to avoid. 

Is There One Online Casino That's Clearly Best?

No one place is hands-down the best online casino for all games, in every country, year after year. Many of those who evaluate casinos publish a variety of "bests." The market has become so competitive that the rankings tend to be updated monthly or bi-monthly. Those who love online gambling should stay on top of what's out there, what's recommended, and what's little better than a scam. If you're new to the world of online casinos, sites such as GoodLucKMate will provide you extensive research, comparisons, and suggestions to help you get started.