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What’s going on in underground casinos?

Some people have an idea in their heads that gambling, no matter what form it might take, is a bad thing. There are any number of reasons for this, from bad experiences in the past to religious reasons to thoughts about money, and more. For some people, the idea will have come from the presence of ‘underground casinos’ that they might have heard of - play blackjack online today. These are illegal casinos, and these might be linked to gambling in general in someone’s mind, giving them the incorrect impression that all casinos are illegal, and they shouldn’t be allowed. Let’s look a little more closely at underground casinos and work out the differences between these and the casinos that are perfectly legal and lots of fun to play in. 

What Are Underground Casinos?

Something that is going to be obvious about underground casinos ones you start to think more about them is they are not going to be big, bold, gorgeous buildings clearly signposted as being a casino. That’s something only a legal casino would do, and that’s why the casinos in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and more are all ones you know you can enjoy safely; they are clearly legal casinos. 

Underground casinos, being illegal, want to stay unnoticed, so they are not going to advertise the fact of what they are and what you can do once you’re inside. You need to be told about them casinos by someone who is aware of them, a friend of a friend, or something similar. It’s unlikely, in other words, you’re going to stumble into one by accident. 

Something else to bear in mind is that there aren’t going to be many games in an underground casino. There will be some casino table games such as roulette, blackjack, and almost certainly poker, but you may not find any slot machines. If you do, they are going to be older ones, bought second hand and possibly not up to much. They won’t be very well maintained, so you could easily lose your money. If you do ever happen to end up in a casino along these lines, it’s probably best to ignore the slots (if there are any) altogether since you could well lose your money before you even get to play.

Why Are There Underground Casinos?

Underground casinos exist for any number of reasons. It might be that the owners couldn’t get the permissions they needed to open regularly, but decided to go ahead anyway. Or maybe the laws in the country where the underground casino is based mean no casinos are allowed at all, so they all have to be hidden away. 

Another reason could be taxes. In some countries, winnings from a casino are taxed, and in order to get around this issue, illegal casinos have appeared instead. Whatever the reason, they exist, and for some, attending them is worth the risk inherent in them.