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Casino Online UK — All Information About Review Sites [2022]

The internet completely turned gambling into a massive industry with the coming of online gambling services. As an online casino player in the UK, you are confronted by an endless array of sites from which to choose. Moreover, online casino players want to play only on the best online casino sites. So, how do you know the best online casinos without testing them all?

Enter review sites. These sites provide vital information to help you choose among available UK sites to do your online gaming without stress. But what precise information do will a casino online UK review site give you? Can you trust them? Read on as we answer these and other questions.

Basic Information About Online Casino Review Sites

In the first place, what are casino review sites? Generally, an online casino review site is one where people can post information about their assessments of different casino sites. Some of these review sites may employ professional writers to write these reviews or use web 2.0 techniques to gather reviews from different other sites. Some review sites are rating sites; i.e., they use a set of metrics to upvote/downvote or give summary ratings of the performance of a gambling site. Others are full review sites containing well-structured information about the casinos they assess.

Information Provided by Reviews of Online Casino Sites

So, what sort of information will you find on an online casino review site? These are some vital bits of information such sites should provide you about any online casino site.

  1. A comprehensive description of the way an online casino site works.
  2. A description of its features.
  3. A ranking of the site relative to others
  4. Information about any notable points of interest, such as live dealer games

What to Look For on Online Casinos Review Sites

All review sites are not equally reliable, and some offer more value than others. To determine the usefulness and reliability of the site, you should keep a weather eye out for these things.

Look For Specific Details

One of the hallmarks of a thorough review is the level of detail offered. To some degree, it can help you gauge whether the writer has studied the online casinos he's reviewing in any depth.

A review should contain such essential details as:

  1. The available casino site offers
  2. Available traditional casino games, including the site's best live dealer casino games
  3. For slots sites, a review of all the best slots available. Advisably, there should be some comparison with the best online slots sites around.
  4. Deposit and withdrawal methods
  5. A ranking of the site.
  6. A comparison with some of the best UK casinos

A review is generally not worth your time if it is too general or ambiguous. The same logic applies to reviews that are excessively enthusiastic or negative. A good review of gambling sites ought to be fair and impartial.

Check the Date

This is very important. A review of casinos means little if the information is outdated. A reliable site should keep up with the times concerning the gambling sites it reviews.

The site that was the best UK casino site last year may no longer be so this year. So, before you read any review from a site, consider the date. If the site is full of outdated information, it is not reliable. Find another one.

Use Multiple Sources

Another hallmark of a good review site for online casinos is multiple sources. As a rule, one person's assessment is likely a personal bias. Multiple sources, however, are more likely to lend objectivity to the assessments. So, ensure the review site supports its claims with as many reliable sources as possible.

But the reviewer shouldn't be the only one multi-sourcing---you should also multi-source. Never rely on just one website. To comprehensively understand what other people say about a specific casino, consult various sites. It is usually better to read reviews posted by several authors because a sole review can be biased toward particular casinos.

Check That the Site Has Certificates

The internet is very unsafe for many reasons, and you need to be sure that the site you're entering is a safe domain. This is why websites need SSL certificates. These certificates are a way to confirm the site's ownership and be sure that it is not a fake version set up by hackers.

The Casino Licensing Affair

All the best UK casino sites must be relevantly licensed. As such, a great review site must also touch on the licensing issue. The reviewer must discuss whether the online casinos reviewed are covered by the UK Gambling Commission or any other body that licenses UK online casino sites.

Notice the Author

The author of the review is another factor to consider. Is this reviewer known for trustworthy reviews or biased ones? Some reviewers are affiliates of one site. In such situations, they may give favorable reviews about that site while giving massive thumbs-downs to other online casinos. So, you should look up the author and try to divine any conflicts of interest they may have.

Fake or Real Review? How to Tell Them Apart

Not all reviews are authentic, as you will find. In the commercial arms race that is the gambling industry, some casinos have discovered a new tactic: paid reviewers. These reviewers write positive reviews about online casinos that pay them. Furthermore, some reviews are written by people who don't know a thing about the site. That's why any review you see is likely one of such antics. So, how do you tell which reviews are the works of casino shills or uninformed authors? Here are some dead giveaways.

  1. The review is sunny as the day. Overly positive reviews are an indication that something fishy is going on.
  2. The review sounds like a diss track. When a review is too negative, it may be the work of a shill trying to discredit a brand's competitors.
  3. The source of the review is an unknown and uncited website. A reliable online casino review will always come from an equally reliable site. And if it's reliable, it will have multiple citations by other people.
  4. The author is anonymous. If this is the case, the odds are that the casino owners themselves wrote the review on your screen!
  5. It's incoherent and full of grammatical errors.
  6. It is vague and offers few details. This can indicate that the author is just winging it with the review. Don't trust their information.


Sifting through the hundreds of online casino sites UK players can use is tedious, and review sites make choosing so much easier. Sadly, review sites also come in different shapes as far as reliability is concerned. Fortunately, this post has provided you with the information you need to decide which review sites are worth your time, and how they can help you find the best sites for online casino uk has to offer you.

Keep these bits of information at the back of your mind, and you can find the top online casinos in your area without stress. Finally, it would be best if you also learned to trust your gut. If you feel something isn't right with a particular review site, you commit no crime by walking away. Remember that no review can fully guarantee a casino's security and dependability. However, if the majority of the reviews are favorable and the reviewer looks informed, you can be pretty confident that you are working with a competent operator.