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Why is Bingo so Popular in the United Kingdom?

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK and it is not something incredible, because everyone knows that there are lots of players who are very keen on this game in the country. If you want to know something more about the reasons why bingo is so famous and popular, you need to read the next paragraphs.

Transition From Land-based Venues to Online Bingo Sites

Bingo Halls have been a common hall in the UK for over 70 years now. With the introduction of the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960, which legalized play in public venues, the number of places to play Bingo skyrocketed. It is a stereotypically British game that enjoyed huge success but needed to adapt with the turn of the century.

The reasons were simple - the advent of the internet, changing demographics, the indoor smoking ban and the myriad of possibilities that the internet brought with it. When the first online bingo websites started to pop up they were an instant success. Nowadays even the top betting sites include bingo in their rich offering of games - it is widely enjoyed and played by almost all.

Bingo is Safe and Very Secured

Gambling carries with it an inherent risk of addiction. In other casino games, the aim and thrill of the player are to beat the house. The reason behind this fact is simple - the design of the games calls for an operation with a house edge.

In order for the player to achieve the goal of beating the house, he must implement various strategies that mitigate that edge and form a betting behaviour. With Bingo things are totally different - the game relies solely on luck and in such it is fair with no party having any sort of edge.

Moreover, Bingo is newcomer-friendly exactly due to this characteristic - no previous experience or honing of any skill is required. Every game is unique in itself due to the reliance on luck alone; no strategy is either involved or required altogether. It is this casual theme of Bingo that is alluring because in its essence it is a fair game decided by luck alone, where a seasoned player and a newcomer have the exact same chance.

You Can Play Bingo for Free

Other casino games and sites often require a monetary investment, be it a small one. There exist many bingo rooms that are free and do not require you to deposit or pay even a single penny.

That side of Bingo is also quite fascinating and perhaps a reason why it is a national pastime in the UK. Players who enjoy the game but generally feel uncomfortable paying for it, have many an option to play it for free. Bingo rooms use virtual currency that is replenished once dried out and that is a solid point for continuous fun.

Bingo is Popular Among Women Too

While Bingo is popular among the population of the UK as a general, it has been seen as a game for senior citizens in the recent past. It was during the late 2000s and thanks to a wide advertising campaign, primarily over traditional channels such as radio and TV, that Bingo’s image was rebranded and aimed to appeal to a younger audience. In spite of that, it is older women who seem to be most engaged with the game.

Perhaps part of the appeal that Bingo has over this demographic is that it is not just a game with numbers, it is an experience, a social event. Good nights out with friends, great chat, and themed nights are just some of the key aspects that help solidify the game in older women’s eyes. With that in mind, it is no wonder why phrases like ‘’Two Fat Ladies’’ are widely in use with bingo callers - perhaps as a homage to the people that enjoy it most?

Many Places Where You Can Play Bingo Online

Bingo certainly is popular, isn’t it? That popularity lends itself nicely with the many places where you can enjoy it. You can get the best online bingo sites reviews at and make a decision for yourself where to head next. Here is a quick list of some great options.

  1. Mecca Bingo
  2. The Sun Bingo
  3. PlayOJO Bingo
  4. Zeus Bingo
  5. Fabulous Bingo

Online Bingo Offers Large Packages of Bonuses

Yes, online Bingo certainly does offer large packages of bonuses for its players. Most often, these bonuses and prizes rival and are honestly better than ones offered for casino games. From no deposit bonuses to nationwide jackpots and loyalty deals in between, Bingo offers some sweet deals for any online player and the chance to win big sums of money all while enjoying a casual and quiet social game.