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Why Online Live Casinos Are The Next Best Thing

Live casino games are very popular among online gamers. If you are looking to get into this scene, you might be wondering where you can play such games. There are a lot of online casinos around that promise a realistic casino experience. But many of them only have video games, not live games.

You’ll be glad to know that we can help you here. Rather than spend your time searching for a good site, why not play at the live casino?

An Overview of Live Casino Games

Some people who are unfamiliar with the online casino's scene may be wondering what is the difference between a normal and live casino. To put it simply, live casino games are played out in real-time in front of a live audience. What players are on the screen is simply a recording. You can compare it to live TV, or more accurately, online live streaming.

Since live games are simply played out and recorded back to the player, any kind of casino game can be live. Of course, there is no real point to a live slot machine or lottery. Therefore, live games are universally various table games.

Advantages of Live Casinos - Realism

Most online casinos offer simple video games. These games will have simplistic, computer-generated graphics. These aren’t very realistic and tend to be less popular with players. It is very un-immersive to watch a blocky, badly textured roulette wheel spin slowly.

On the other hand, live casino games offer you something closer to the real deal. Live games feature real people at a studio. They deal cards from a real physical deck on the table. With live games, players can interact with the game through a microphone. If the game is multiplayer, players can even interact with each other.

Playing as a group is always more fun than just by yourself. It makes it easier to make friends and have a great time! Even in a single-player game like Blackjack, one can interact with the dealer. This makes the games very realistic. Many people would like to experience what it’s like to play at a casino, but unfortunately cannot travel to one. If you are one of them, live casinos are for you!

Advantages of Live Casinos – Fairness

On top of being more realistic, players feel live casinos are fairer. With a computer, when people experience bad luck, they think the computer is cheating them. Since most people don’t know computer programming or how random number generators work, they have no idea if they’re playing against a fair opponent or not. But with a real dealer, they can see the cards being drawn before their eyes. This increases the acceptance of simple bad luck.

Additionally, a computer can be intentionally biased so make the casino owners more money. This can happen in many shady casinos. This is a lot harder to do in a live game.

Source of Live Casino Games

Most online casinos offer live games now. Many of the top casino software developers have built up their libraries of live games over the last few years. Some notable providers include

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • RealTime Gaming
  • Asia Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play

You may have heard of these companies before. Microgaming is the oldest casino software provider around. For instance, Asia Gaming is used by almost every Asian casino. When you hear these names, you know they have a great pedigree and have made amazing games for years. Many of them even offer their games on android/iOS mobiles, so you can play on the go.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of software providers for live casinos. Out of them, Asia Gaming is the most prominent source for live casino’s games. The Asia Gaming lobby can be accessed from the live casino section of the website. Alternatively, players can also access the games directly. While Asia Gaming offers Live Baccarat, VIP Baccarat, Safe Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger and Aerial Warfare games, other online casinos might offer a different range of games as well.


Live Casinos are some of the most realistic gaming experiences around. Instead of trying your luck against a computer, step up and compete against other people! So why not give it a try and test your luck?

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