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Why Spreadsheets Are Essential for Gambling

Money, when gambling is just a unit, in its simplest form. But are you tracking the money you wager? Are you treating it seriously or gambling randomly? The best gamblers treat their wagers like a business operation. They like to know where every penny is invested, so there is less slack. This is where spreadsheets can be a powerful resource. It doesn’t matter what form of gambling you like; spreadsheets can help you. In this article, we’re going to highlight a few reasons why spreadsheets are one of the best tools to use when gambling regularly.

Track your winnings and losses

The best thing about using spreadsheets is the ability to see how much you win and lose. Using simple tables and auto sum features is all you need to calculate how much you’ve won and lost. It’s a great idea to do this as you can monitor performance on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. You can then compare to previous periods and see if you’ve improved or got worse.

Tracking your results is also a good safeguard against problem gambling. If you set limits in place every week or month, you will ensure you are employing cautious bankroll management skills. So, spreadsheets are beneficial both from a winner and loser perspective.

They can be used for multiple forms

Spreadsheets like Excel don’t have a bias from one form of gambling to another. It doesn’t matter if you need a poker spreadsheet or a sports-betting one, you can use spreadsheets for all types of gambling. As long as you have basic skills, you should be fine. Naturally, if you are an Excel wizard, you may want to incorporate graphs and bar charts to make your results more visual. But I’ll leave that to the technical gamblers.

Helps you focus

Ask anyone who starts using spreadsheets to monitor their results. Soon as they know they are keeping records; they start taking it very seriously. They stop making crazy bets and stay focused on areas that they do well in. They also tend to leave the rubbish sites and play on the best betting sites.

Monitoring you results and keeping on top of it will help you concentrate. It will make you think twice before making wild wagers. Ultimately, this will protect your winnings, limit your losses and enhance your enjoyment. After all, the more you win, the more fun gambling it is.

Bragging rights

I can’t ignore the fact that spreadsheets can be a cool way to brag about how well you’re doing. If you are an astute sports bettor or poker player, you will be able to show off to your friends about your latest months results. Your friends may have doubted your gloats in the past but when you show them your spreadsheets, they will be impressed and jealous. This is not the best reason for spreadsheets but it’s a neat feature for young gamblers who like to brag to friends and colleagues.


There you have it, four reasons why you should start incorporating spreadsheets into your gambling. They’re a great tool to keep you focused, you can gloat to your friends, you’ll be on top of your results and you can use it for pretty much any form of gambling.