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Argentina World Cup

Argentina World Cup

Argentina World Cup 2018: Stage of Elimination

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Argentina Top Team Goalscorer

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Luckily the football world has escaped the horror of not watching arguably the greatest player of all time and his world-class compatriots on the biggest stage of football. Because they were on the brink of not qualifying for the world cup. But luckily their best player Lionel Messi scored a hattrick in the final qualification match against Ecuador. This was a must-win match and Argentina performed under pressure to justify their inclusion in the upcoming World Cup in Russia. This struggle to qualify may have a good impact on the team and be a wakeup call for them. Because they know they need to get their act together to have any chance to make their countryman proud.

Everyone knows that Argentina’s front line is unreal on paper. But in real life, it has failed to impress for the past couple of years. So, selecting the perfect personals for the starting lineup is a must. Previously the front line consisted of players who had the biggest names and that approach have failed miserably. So, while selecting the team they need to find out what is lacking up front and choose the players who are in form to fill that void. After that, there is less talent to choose from across the rest of the pitch. But there are still players who have the talent to do the job. So with the proper combination, the rest of the team is capable to fight against any squad.

Unlike previous International competitions, Argentina has a big weapon at their disposal. And that weapon is their new coach Jorge Sampaoli. He has the pedigree to lead the team, unlike their previous managers. He has been praised for his style of play wherever he goes. Moreover, had notable wins against big teams and a Copa America Cup win with Chile which is not an easy task at all.

So under Jorge Sampaoli guidance and Lionel Messi’s talent, there is no reason for Argentina to not have a great tournament. Their strike force is unlike anything in the world. So if they are unable to win the elusive trophy in the World Cup of 2018 it is highly unlikely that they would win it anytime soon after that.


Argentina v Iceland

Argentina 1.36

Draw 4.50

Iceland 9.00


All odds quoted are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.