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Brazil World Cup 2018


Brazil World Cup 2018: Stage of Elimination

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Brazil Top Team Goalscorer

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Brazil is considered the biggest football mad nation in the world, and that statement is in no way an exaggeration at all. Because to Brazilians football is way more than a sport. It is part of their culture. So football's biggest stage World Cup holds a special importance to them. This is also reflected in their trophy cabinet. As Brazil are by far the most successful nation in world football. They have won the world cup on five different occasions. This is the highest amount of World Cup wins for any nation. The last World Cup was played on Brazilian soil and there was a great expectation from the Brazilian national team. But they crumbled under pressure and went out of the tournament after a humiliating defeat against Germany with a 7-1 loss. So to them, the next World Cup in Russia is a place for redemption. And they will give their all to be the best once again.

The reason for Brazil's dismal performance in the last World Cup may be due to their weak strike force. They had great players throughout every position of the whole team in the previous World Cup except the striking position. This made a huge impact on the overall performance of the team. As every person in the whole team knew that they were not capable of scoring multiple goals in every game. Thus the midfield and defense became very conservative as they didn't want to concede a goal. Because they knew it would be hard to score back. But this time around the situation is completely different. They have two of the most frightening strikers from the Premier League in Gabriel Jesus & Roberto Firmino. Moreover, not only they have great strikers upfront throughout the midfield each and every one is capable to add to the scoresheet also. Especially the likes of Philippe Coutinho & Neymar are capable to change any match against any big team due to their consistent improvement in the last couple of years. On the other end of the field, Brazil is much stronger than ever. Because like previous years they have a great backline. But unlike previous years they also have a reliable player in the goalkeeping position too. So the future looks bright for Brazil in the upcoming World Cup in Russia.


Brazil v Switzerland

Brazil 1.33

Draw 5.00

Switzerland 9.00


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