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Montenegro in Eurovision Song Contest Odds

Montenegro has participated in Eurovision Song Contest eight times since it's debut as an independent country in Eurovision 2007. They qualified for the Grand Final two times out of eight: In 2014, with the song "Moj Svijet" by Sergej Ćetković, and in 2015: Knez with "Adio". He finished 13th, which is also the best result for Montenegro.

RTCG, responsible for Montenegro’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, have announced it: Slavko Kalezić will be representing the country in Kiev this year, with a song called ”Space’‘! RTCG explains that their call for entries, which was announced in mid-October, was answered by 20 authors with 27 compositions. This was one of the reasons it took so long to take a final decision[they revealed the artist few days before the end of 2016].

Slavko will sing the song "Space" written by Momčila Zekovića, but the song is yet to be released.In the newspaper Vijesti he talked about his internal selection by broadcaster RTCG: “This is my biggest dream come true. I realize now what it means to be part of this festival because in just a few hours I received a huge number of new followers on my social networks, I’ve received so many messages from fans of the Eurovision in Europe, and all of them are positive, because they have been judging me on my previous works seen on Youtube. I promise that people will be able to enjoy what I prepare, because it is the art of pop within which I will give my best.”

Slavko is a graduate from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje with a specialisation in solo singing and dancing. He also took obtained his master’s degree there. Nowadays he’s an actor at the Montenegrin national theatre. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

He participated in X Factor Adria in 2013, failing to qualify in the Final 14. He was coached by Željko Joksimović, who represented Serbia & Montenegro in 2004, hosted the contest in 2008 and returned as participant in 2012. Slavko Kalezić is a well-known actor of the Montenegrin National Theatre, which he joined after graduating from the Faculty of Drama of the University of Montenegro in Cetinje. The multi-talented artist released his debut album just two years ago.

Any news regarding “Space” are yet to be revealed. However, it is being known that it has been written by Momcilo Zekovic, who is from the popular Montenegrin group Perper. The group has been going for over 25 years, so maybe Montenegro has a shot. The song could pretty much be anything, but it’s presuming it will follow his other released music, such as “Krivac” and “Feel The Love”.

If anything, it is being expected a choreographed dance sequence, some club beats, an up-tempo track and a confident performance. Slavko Kalezic certainly isn’t shy. He returned to The X Factor Adria live shows for series two, with “Feel The Love”.

Montenegro is the 10th country to announce the artist who will be waving the flag in Kyiv while this is the second song for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest that has been announced, after Albania’s Lindita was announced the winner of the Albanian national selection who will be singing “Botë“.

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