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Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 Odds

Who wins Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2018?

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Norway’s history in Eurovision Song Contest is interesting. The Scandinavian country has been participating in Eurovision since 1960. So far, Norway has achieved 3 victories, with the last being the triumphant victory of Alexander Rybak in 2009, with his entry Fairytale. Rybak had scored 387 points, the highest amount of points ever achieved with the former voting system. However, the country also holds the record of the most last placings; 11 in total.

For the third consecutive year, the Norwegian national broadcaster Norsk ringsringkasting (NRK) has announced that it has received a larger number of songs wishing to participate in the forthcoming Norwegian Eurovision national selection Melodi Grand Prix (MGP), in comparison to the previous year. According to the broadcaster, approximately 1,200 songs were submitted just before the submission period concluded. Melodi Grand Prix final will be taking place in the Oslo Spektrum venue in March.

The Norwegian broadcaster NRK has used the MGP-format to choose the Norwegian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest up to 55 times. Artists and composers from all over the world are welcome to submit an entry. However, the NRK encourages Norwegian songwriters to participate. During the next few weeks, NRK will select the ten best artists and compositions.

Speaking about this year’s crop of candidate songs, MGP chief Stig Karlsen sounded upbeat: “There are very many talented people engaged in next year’s MGP. It’s going to hurt to pick only ten songs and ten artists to fight to represent Norway in Lisbon!”

Though NRK are picking the acts now, the lineup is normally only revealed during the spring, so Eurofans will have a while to wait until they know who’ll step out onto the stage at Spektrum Arena.

As if this wasn’t challenging enough, the man responsible for MGP at NRK, Stig Karlsen, is also in contact with central players in the Norwegian music industry. He is actively encouraging procucers, songwriters and artists to submit their work.

Emboldened by success in Kyiv, the objective now is winning Eurovision 2018. Earlier this year Karlsen outlined his long-term plan for Melodi Grand Prix 2018:

“The best folks are on board to write songs that will take Norway to victory in the world’s biggest music competition. Eurovision is the closest we get to the Olympics in pop music, and now we’re going for the gold medal.”

Karlsen also added that both Norwegian and foreign songwriters were allowed to participate, although the editors especially encourage Norwegian composers to submit contributions.

Norway has known highs and bitter, bitter lows at Eurovision in 2010 but there are signs things are on the up for the Nordic nation. Not so impressively, Didrik Solli-Tangen got a 20th-place finish on home soil in 2010, Stella Mwangi failed to qualify in 2011 and Tooji placed last in 2012. But in the years since, Norway has done much better. They have placed in the top ten in all but 2016, when Agnete went out at her semi-final.

Having soared as high as the top five, as recently as 2013, Norway will no doubt be one to watch in Libson next May. And among those 1200 entries could be the one to give Norway its fourth victory.