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Celebrity Big Brother 20 odds

Who wins Celebrity Big Brother 20?

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This is the twentieth series of celebrity big brother which was narrated by Marcus Bentley and hosted by Emma Wills. The series will be shown on Channel 5 in the UK as the winner of the competition wins £50,000 to any selected charity.

Channel5 is yet to unveil surprising moments that is expected but there are rumors about the event been a combination of "All Stars vs. New Stars". The summer edition of the Big Brother show commences 9 pm on August 1. Celebrity Big brother show celebrates its twentieth year as 15 popular stars enter the house. Even though there was a significant twist that was announced before the commencement of the show, there are some facts you still need to know about the show and participants.

Celebrity big brother lasts for twenty-eight days with a list of full contestants that have been released. Some of the housemates in this series include Amelia Lily, a British singer and a finalist contestant in the X-factor. Amelia has released 40 single songs since she left the X Factor.

Brandi Glanville is another significant contestant. As an American television personality and a cast member in Bravo reality series, she took part in famously single in 2016. She enters the house on the first day.

Another contestant is Chad Johnson, a television personality that is popular due to his actions on ABC reality game shows during the twelfth season. Derek Johnson popularly known as Derek Acorah is famous for appearing in the sky living reality television series called most haunted from the first edition to the sixth. He also entered the house on the first day.

Helen Lederer played Catriona in the BBC sitcom and also appeared in Soap Opera Channel 4. She is also a contestant. Hemma Lucy, Hollyoaks and Rylan Clark who formerly dated the 16th edition winner of the celebrity big brother will also be participating.

Jemmy Henley, a cast member in MTV reality series and a television personality is also among the contestants. Jemma was a major contestant in signed by Katie Price 2011. Jordan Davies, Ibiza Weekender, Karthik Nagesan and Marissa Jade are also included as participants In the show.

Paul Danan, a British actor that played Sol Patrick in a soap opera called Hollyoaks also entered on the first day. He participated in the celebrity love island first series and returned in the second series that was acted in 2006.

Another contestant is San Thompson, a personality in the British reality show. He is popularly known for his cast member role on the E4 reality series. Sandy Channer popularly called Sandi Bogle is a popular TV personality that starred in the Gogglebox, on channel 4. Sandi and her best friend called Sandra appeared in the first series of a movie in 2013 but they later left three years later. They also entered the house on the first day.

Sarah Harding, an actress and singer who is popular for appearing in the girl group Girls Aloud. She participated in the third series of The Jump and played Joni Preston in the soap opera called Coronation Street. Shaun Williamson, a British singer and actor, Trisha Paytas, an American personality on the internet all made it to the house on the first that of the show.