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Big Brother 2017 odds

Who wins Big Brother 2017?

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Coleen Nolan has been named the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017, over second-placed Jedward. The Loose Women host scored a surprise victory over the Irish twins who had been hot favourites to take the crown. Her win means she went one better than during her previous appearance on the show in 2012 – when she finished runner-up to Julian Clary. Jedward also improved on their previous performance on the show, which saw them finish third in 2011.

Kim Woodburn was the highest-placed new housemate, finishing in third place – while actor James Cosmo came fourth. Earlier in the evening Nicola McLean finished fifth while Bianca Gascoigne was in sixth place.

Coleen was shocked when she heard that she had won. She later admitted she had ‘endured hell’ to be crowned series winner, telling Emma Willis: ‘There was something every day and it always seemed to be negative.’

 Celebrity Big Brother bosses have released the final voting percentages, revealing just how shockingly close Coleen Nolan's win actually was. Following 32 days inside the Channel 5 house, producers have announced that less than three per cent separated the winner from the runners up.

Coleen, 51, was crowned the winner, beating popular fan-favourite Jedward in the final vote. The 25-year-old Grimes twins secured 29.91 per cent of the final vote, to Coleen's 32.65 per cent following the vote close. Kim Woodburn, 74, trailed in at 14.52 per cent, resulting in a third place eviction for the How Clean Is Your House? star.

James Cosmo received an impressive 10.33 per cent of the final vote, while Nicola McLean clawed 6.94 per cent of the public vote. Coming in sixth position was Bianca Gascoigne, who pulled in 4.36 per cent.

Coleen added: "I've got to say, winning is one of the best things of my life. I am 52 soon and this means so much to me."

The Loose Women star said she deliberately went into the house with no game plan and not wanting to start rows, saying: “I just said from the beginning, nobody plays the game better than Big Brother itself.”

"You can’t outplay Big Brother. They all think you know it and you don’t, Big Brother is in charge. I just thought, at the end of the day, whatever happens, it’s down to the public. When people say they don’t care what people think, I do. And if that makes me weak and pathetic, then I wear that badge with pride because I do care what people think.”

Coleen said she was proud of herself for not walking out of the show even when things got tough: “I never once said I wanted to leave or would leave. I thought, ‘Sod you, I want to stay.’ Each time something negative happened again I would realise it was affecting me less because I can’t control what happens on the outside. I just had to go with the game.”

There is no prize fund up for grabs in Celebrity Big Brother, but it’s been reported the winner could make £1million through endorsements, personal appearances and product placements.

Marketing expert Rob Cooper told The Mirror: “To win the show is like being giving validation that you have a huge fan base who are buying into you via vote lines, which is very enticing to endorsers, bookers and producers.”