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The Nobel Prize in Literature

Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 was awarded to Bob Dylan.

Who wins the Nobel Prize in Literature 2017?

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The Nobel Prize in Literature is usually awarded yearly to well-deserved authors that have produced the best work in the field of literature from a different region of the world. The author’s entire work is being awarded and not just the author’s individual work. The recipient of this award in a particular year is often decided by the Swedish Academy.

There are five Nobel Prizes that are established by the will of Alfred Nobel in 1895. They include Nobel Prize in literature, Nobel Prize in physics, Nobel Prize in chemistry, Nobel Prize in Medicine or Psychology and finally, the Nobel peace prize. The contenders of 2017 Man Booker International Prize includes four Nobel laureates in the field of Literature; Israelis Amox Oz, Yan Lianke, David Grossman and Albanian Ismail. Even though there are noticeable omissions, the list still consists of fascinating authors.

“Swallowing Mercury” written by the famous Polish poet Wioletta and translated by Eliza Marciniak has also formed a routine of making the list. The tale explains the experience of growing up in the remote part of Poland. The story became interesting when the writer imagines her own father as a young man whose life was prematurely ended. The inclusion of this book among this list is unexplainable.

Argentine’s Samanta Schweblin also made the long list with the fascinating “Fever Dream” which was translated by Megan McDowell. The story is about a young dying mother in the hospital with hunting and tormenting memories and dreams. Schweblin is the youngest Nobel contender in this list with his dramatic and gorgeous story.

Amoz Oz and David Grossman are potential Israeli Nobel laureate writers. They were both represented in the list with their fine novels which include David Grossman's "A Horse Walks into a Bar", a fascinating story that was translated by Jessica Cohen. The story is all about a sad veteran comic who confronts his life in a magnificent night during a routine that amazed his audience.

Ismail Kadare, the Albanian veteran won the Man Booker International in 2005.He is one of the favorites for future Nobel laureate as he has accomplished numerous works. His outstanding capabilities can be seen in most of his works as some of his work reached translation stage sooner than expected.

“Judas” is the title of the novel written by Amos Oz and translated by Nicholas de Lange. The book also made the long list. “Judas” was Oz’s first novel in a decade. The novel is a traditional love story that is also linked with the theme of Judas betrayal.

Another great author that made the list is Chinese Yan Lianke. A banned author in his home land and has the capabilities of obtaining a Nobel laureate.

The Nobel Prize in literature has been awarded to 113 people since 1901 by the Swedish Academy, Stockholm.  In 2016, the Nobel prize in literature was awarded to Bob Dylan for creating new poetic expression especially in accordance with the American song tradition.

109 Nobel prizes have been awarded within the period of 1901 and 2016. Only 14 women have been awarded the Nobel Prize till date. The youngest Nobel laureate in the field of literature is Rudyard Kipling who is popularly known for his Jungle book. He received this award at the age of 41 years. Only 4 awards have been shared between two persons so far.