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Relegation Odds

Relegation odds

Who will be relegated from Premier League 2017?

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Relegation odds for the Premier League: Who’s leaving the Premier League this 2017?

With less than two months till the end of the 2016-17 Premier League season, it is quite natural that things are becoming more interesting and tense. It is obvious that none of the teams have given up because there are still a few weeks that can change a lot of things at the league table. But, being eager to stay in the best football league in the United Kingdom is one thing and having the right form is another. Based on the current form it is not that difficult to determine the relegation odds. Of course, keep in mind that these are just relegation odds and this doesn’t mean that they guarantee who will stay and who will leave the Premier League this 2017.

At this moment, the three spots that guarantee relegation are occupied by Hull, Middlesborough, and Sunderland. Sunderland is in the worst situation with just20 points. Middlesborough is right above Sunderland with 23 points and Hull has 27 points and a match more. It is interesting that Hull has just 7 points less than Southampton which is 10th on the League table. It seems that the teams are equal this year than the previous one.

Even though Swansea and Crystal Palace are not in the danger zone, they are at huge risk and only one mistake can cost them a lot. If we take a closer look at their current form, we will notice that Middlesborough is in a really bad shape because they have not been victorious for more than three months. The same goes for Sunderland. Hull finally managed to win against West Ham. Swansea and Middlesborough shared the points while Crystal Palace surprised Chelsea.

Obviously, as many experienced punters know, relegation odds depend on the fixture list. A lot of things will be much clearer when Hull meets Middlesborough this Wednesday. This is a very important clash for both teams. None of these teams can afford to lose this match. Sunderland has a more difficult task because it will travel to Leicester, a team that has finally found its former form.

It’s also a good idea to take a closer look at all the remaining matches in order to get a clearer picture about the relegation odds. For instance, Crystal Palace will have to play a few matches against the big six teams while Hull has only two matches like this. The situation at the top of the table is complicated too and the big six teams can’t lose points against weaker sides.

So, less than two months before the end of this season, there are many different possible outcomes. Some say that it will be easier to tell in a couple of weeks, but there is still chance that things can become even more complicated. One of the reasons why Premier League is so popular is the twists we witness.