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F1 Drivers Championship odds 2017

In the past couple of seasons Formula One has become a rather predictable competition. Many are comparing it to the time when Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello dominated the Championship and shared almost all wins among themselves. However, with massive changes in the Formula One universe right behind the corner, new owners will probably look to intensify the contest and see some more excitement in it. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are holding F1 hostage for four seasons now, which has caused Formula One to lose viewers worldwide. However, Mercedes is now by far the best team and we doubt anyone can change that in the upcoming season.

While many questioned Hamilton’s decision to leave McLaren and join then-unproven Mercedes team, but in the long term that was probably his best decision ever. In just under four season Mercedes propelled to an absolute top of the rankings and win two constructor’s titles in a row and two drivers titles. Hamilton won two in driver’s competition and is on course to win his third in a row, with his team-mate Nico Rosberg being the only clear threat. That is unlikely to change in the 2017 season, as Red Bull and Ferrari don’t have a driver in their ranks capable of delivering a top result. Hamilton will most likely aim to win another trophy in 2017 and a different result would probably be seen as a major upset.

Number two driver in the Mercedes ranks is Niko Rosberg, who would probably be number one on any other team in the Formula One. Rosberg is in Mercedes’ ranks since 2010, having previously shared the dressing room with Michael Schumacher. However, since Hamilton joined in, he is having a hard time making an impact to the title race, finishing behind Hamilton in two consecutive championships (third one also very likely). Rosberg driving capacities are unquestionable but there would be a major change in Mercedes’ policy required for them to change their philosophy. Rosberg is the most certain number two in F1 calendar and whether he can make a breakthrough next season remains to be seen.

After falling out with Red Bull in 2014, Vettel joined Ferrari in his pursuit to regain the title lost in 2014 to Lewis Hamilton. However, Vettel struggled to make an impact in 2015, finishing way behind Mercedes’ duo, being third at the end. 2016 is no different for the German and it can be said that this is yet another season to forget for Vettel. Next campaign will probably be the most important to Vettel to prove his worth to the game and alongside Raikkonen he will represent that team that can change something in the F1 world.

Max Verstappen is the fresh blood in the Formula One universe and one of the most exciting prospects in the history of this sport. Verstappen won his first Grand Prix in 2016 and is scheduled to remain with Red Bull for the upcoming season. Verstappen is the youngest driver ever to win a Grand Prix and his recruitment in the F1 universe is clearly a boost for this sport. However, a lot would have to be changed with the Red Bull car, if they want to make an impact in the upcoming season.  

Who wins the F1 Drivers Championship 2017?

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