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Formula One: Constructors Championship 2017

Formula one 2016 season is reaching the zenith of its calendar year and it has proven to be a very exciting one. Sure, this is not the excitement we are used to, as only one team dominates the campaign, but two drivers share a uncommon rivalry and it is expected to be very close towards the end of the season. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are both in full swing and so far Mercedes have only missed a win in one race. While it was expected that Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari could make an additional push for the title, this will probably have to wait until the next season.

2017 season is already scheduled to be a historic one, with radical changes in the Formula One world waiting to happen. Liberty Group from the United States is set to acquire the Formula One sport for a deal up to 8 € billion, while the current director Bernie Ecclestone would take up the CEO role.  This could see massive changes generating in the Formula One world, which will try to expand to US markets. It is unlikely that driver’s rule will significantly change, but that remains to be seen.

As things stand now, Mercedes is arguably the only team capable of delivering a top-designed car in a season, which is very much the case this year. Mercedes is practically securing the constructors title very early in the season, with Ferrari and Red Bull way behind the German team. Since they re-emerged in 2010 as the sole team in the Formula One universe, Mercedes have constantly improved their results in the competition and for the past four season are practically untouchable. Rosberg and Hamilton are easily the best duo in the F1 right now and it would take something really dramatic and sensational to end their dominance next year.

With Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber out of the picture, Red Bull Racing team is currently in a big overhaul, as Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen setting up new faces in the RB team. While Max Verstappen did manage to secure one win in the season, that is still way behind Mercedes duo and a proper change to the car must be made in the off-season. Red Bull has the resources to develop a better car next season and with Ricciardo and Verstappen at their helm they could be looking to cut the enormous advantage Mercedes currently has on its rivals.

Ferrari and McLaren are looking to boost their chances for upcoming season, after they have been out of the picture for quite some time now. Ferrari, with Raikkonen and Vettel on their books, hopes to resurrect in the constructors championship and win their first title since 2008. McLaren will be without their long-term driver Jenson Button for the upcoming season, as Belgian ace Stoffen Vandoome to take up his place. This change could be proven useful in the long-term, but we believe it will still take some time before these two teams return to the top of the Formula One chain.

Who wins the Formula One Constructors Championship 2017?

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