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Last placed in Eurovision Song Contest final Odds

Who will finish last in Eurovision Song Contest final 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Forty-three countries will participate in the 2017 contest. Portugal and Romania are to return to the contest, both having been absent from the 2016 edition. After returning in 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina has withdrawn again due to financial difficulties.

The contest will take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, following Ukraine’s victory at the 2016 contest with the song “1944”, performed by Jamala. The International Exhibition Centre, which was announced as the host venue on 9 September 2016, has a capacity of approximately 11,000 attendees and is the largest exhibition centre in Kiev. Located in the western portion of Livoberezhna microdistrict, the centre was opened in October 2002, and the head of the centre since its construction was Anatoly Tkachenko.

While everybody is focused on the favorites entry of reaching top 4, top 5 or top 10, there are still few countries which are being considered having no chances of avoiding the last place in their semi-final or in the final.

Between the chances of not placing better than any country in the semi-final 1, there would be to mention Slovenia, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Albania. Out of them, Albania and Montenegro missed the final in the last year too. In Kiev, Albania is coming with an English ballad while Montenegro wants to impress with an extravagant act. On the other hand, Czech Republic felt that after Gabriela Guncikova finally qualified the country to the Grand Final last year with a ballad, this kind of music is guaranteeing the succes, but the bookmakers are not considering so. Maybe with the bigest chances of finishing last in this semi-final is Slovenia, with the song ”On my way” by Omar Naber.

Regarding the strong second semi-final, Belarus, Lithuania and San Marino are the hopeless countries. Singing for the first time in their own language in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, Belarus wants to bring energy and happiness on stage with their entry which might be considered a fiasco for some people. After finishing in the 9th place last year, Lithuania is disappointing this year with the song ”Rain of Evolution”. Also, San Marino is basing on the experience this year as the national broadcaster brought back for the 4th time in the ESC Valentina Monetta who this time is coming with the American singer Jimmie Wilson, looking forward to make the Europe feel the ”Spirit of the Night”.

The worst songs between the ”Big 5” countries are, according to the bookmakers, the entries of Spain and Germany. While the Germans are looking forward to finally get rid of placing last in the Grand Final, as happened in 2015 and 2016, Spain is heading to Kiev with a singer who dramatically won the national final and who is trying to bring on the ESC stage something similar to Bruno Mars’ style.  UK, a country with not so good results in the past few years, looks to be targetting an average place this year, somewhere between 10-20.