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Best in Balkan in Eurovision 2017 Odds

Odds on Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Which country will be best in Balkan?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Performers from seven Balkan countries are competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. Performers from Albania, Montenegro and Greece will be taking part in the first semi-final of the Eurovision 2017 song contest in Kiev, while Macedonia’s, Bulgaria’s, Croatis’s and Serbia’s representatives will go onstage at the second semi-final. Although the Eurovision Song Contest is no longer that popular in Western Europe, for many in Eastern Europe and the Balkans it is still a big events.

Divisions between some of these countries may remain vivid, but at the annual pan-European song contest, fans from each country tend to support songs performed by their neighbours in the tele-vote.

Out of them all, Bulgaria is the best seen Balkan country even last year’s 5th place heads to Ukraine with a 17 years old boy who gained popularity after taking part in the Bulgarian version of X Factor: Kristian Kostov. Him and his song ”Beautiful mess” is between the favorites of winning the contest and keeping up the good form that his country has since its comeback in 2016. Also with chances of getting one of the first places at the end of the contest are the entries of Serbia and Macedonia. Both songs’ production are with help from Swedish well known producers and before the contest there was even a rumour that Serbia’s national broadcaster bought the song which was initially going to represent Macedonia. Even though, both song are very good. Macedonia will sing in Kiev ”Dance alone”, a song which received great feedback from ESC media and fans and there are many chances of seeing the Yugoslavian country back in the Grand Final for the first time since 2012. Serbia, on the other hand, proposes this year a song which the Serbs are hoping to return themselves to the top 10 of the competition.

Albania, the country which hosted the first national final of this year’s Eurovision, has revamped the song that won FiK into the English version of the one who won in Tirana. Their singer is leaving in the US and had previously participated in the ”American Idol”. Montenegro’s act this year is an excentric one, the singer Slavko Kalezic making himself memorable by his outfit and hair. After missing the final of the last year’s edition in Stockholm, the Montenegrin entry isn’t a top contender for the top places, not even being placed by the bookmakers in one of the 10 qualification places of the semi-final 1.

In Ukraine, Croatia will sing for the first time few lyrics in Italian, which Jacques Houdek will be performing in the second semi-final, with a song called ”My friend”. Last year the beautiful country put an end to a serios of 7 years of absence from the ESC final and this year’s Croatia is a contender for the Grand Final, being at the border of the unsure qualifiers and the non-qualifiers.

Also, Greece’s song is very suitable for the month the contest in scheduled to take place in. ”This is love” will definitely be heard on the beaches all around the Mediterranean countries and it is highly possible that it will do well in Kiev too.