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MLB Odds

Who wins MLB 2017?

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After a long awaited World Series win, the Chicago Cubs and their deep pockets are settling in for an offseason that could possibly strengthen this dominant team even further. That being said, they are still the betting favorites to win the World Series in 2017 and repeat as champions, and it isn’t even close. Coming in second are the Boston Red Sox, as even though prized DH David Ortiz has retired, they are going to make a heavy push for Toronto Blue Jays DH/1B Edwin Encarnacion, who is also about to become a free agent. Another Jay, RF Jose Bautista, has also expressed a desire about coming to the Red Sox, so if either of these deals happen, expect Boston to make another push not only to the playoffs, but to the World Series. A notable team that has made their way high up the list are the Houston Astros. While they didn’t even qualify for the playoffs last season, highly touted prospect 3B Alex Bregman is likely to improve, and 2015 Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel will hopefully have a comeback season for them after struggling this past year. The Astros currently have the 7th best odds to win the World Series. The World Series runner-up Cleveland Indians are not expected to lose anyone major in free agency, and they are ranked in 5th place. Coming in dead last are the San Diego Padres, and with the combination of a low payroll to prevent them from signing any big-name free agents like Yoenis Cespedes, and their top prospects not quite being ready for the big leagues, no one expects them to win the World Series, and if they do, expect that one person who bet on them to become quite wealthy. The top National League team based on betting odds besides the Cubs are the Washington Nationals. With a great rotation headed up by Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasberg, and Tanner Roark, as well as a lineup that includes 2B Daniel Murphy and hopefully a resurgent RF Bryce Harper, they will be contenders for a World Series championship. Another interesting team of note are the Toronto Blue Jays who sit very highly, despite the fact that they may lose two of their best players in free agency that were key components of a very potent offense. They did boast the best ERA in the American League last season, but with the offense expected to get worse, one would expect their World Series odds to drop tremendously, which they did not. It should be an exciting year upcoming, and based on moves made in the offseason, it will be interesting to see where all the teams ranked in the World Series odds. Will the Cubs repeat, or could a lesser known team spike in the rankings and snatch a championship from them? Only time will tell, and people who bet in Vegas may want to follow the offseason transactions closely.