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Speedway GP 2017 odds

Who wins Speedway GP 2017?

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Individual World Champion in the 2017 season will be announced after 12 rounds. After a year's break in the calendar cycle returns Grand Prix of Latvia, which will be held May 27 in Daugavpils.

Best Speedway riders in the world, like in season 2016 will compete for the title from April to October. The best rider in the world but will be chosen twelve, and not, as in this year, after eleven rounds.

This change is due to cycle back to Latvia. After a one year break the Grand Prix again will visit Daugavpils. Exactly 27 May Maciej Janowski will compete for a repeat of 2015, when it won first place. Besides, the schedule did not undergo big changes compared to the season 2016. The struggle for the gold medal will begin on the last Saturday of April in Krsko, and will end in Melbourne in October (exact date Australian Grand Prix will be determined only).

Organizers at the turn of June and July (from June 24 to July 22) planned a break in the competition. This year, the athletes could rest from the fight for the individual championship of the world at the turn of July and August (from 9 July to 13 August). This correction of the schedule has to do with the final World Team Cup , which will take place on July 8 in Leszno.

Calendar Speedway Grand Prix 2017:

  • April 29 - Grand Prix of Slovenia in Krsko
  • May 13 - Grand Prix of Polish in Warsaw
  • on May 27 - Grand Prix of Latvia in Daugavpils
  • on June 10 - Grand Prix of the Czech Republic in Prague
  • June 24 - Grand Prix of Denmark in Horsens
  • July 22 - British Grand Prix in Cardiff
  • 12 August - Swedish Grand Prix in Malilla
  • on August 26 - Polish Grand Prix in Gorzow
  • Sept. 9 - Grand Prix of Germany in Teterow
  • September 23 - Grand Prix of Stockholm
  • on October 7 - Polish Grand Prix in Torun,
  • exact date to be determined (October): the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne

The Russian Emil Sayfutdinov retired from the Grand Prix for financial reasons after the 2013 season, but would like to be back in 2017. Russia is a major market, the driving qualities of the former World Cup third parties are beyond all doubt.

For the two remaining places, the Bayer Martin Smolinski and the Slovenian Matej Zagar are regarded as the most promising candidates. Their two home countries each hold a Grand Prix, they would provide for two other nations and no other drivers are pushing themselves.

Really bad luck has probably Maciej Janowski, who in Melbourne from the seventh World Championship rank on the tenth. The U21 world champion of 2012 certainly belongs to the Grand Prix, but since three poles are already represented, hardly a fourth will be given a permanent wildcard.