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The Vasa race 2017 Odds

Vasaloppet (literally, The Vasa race) is the oldest, the longest and the biggest cross country ski race in the world. The distance is 90 km.

Vasaloppet is, without any doubt, a part of the Swedish national soul. It’s no exaggeration to say that the checkpoints and the villages where they lie are names recognised by the vast majority of Swedes. And those who are not watching the race on the spot can, together with 1.8 million others, curl up in front of the TV and watch the elite compete for the great honour to be this year’s Vasaloppet winner.

But there is also another dimension – that each and every skier who completes the race is also a real winner. Vasaloppet’s 90 km is nothing to toy with, it demands the right man or woman – and some of the toughest in the world are at the start determined to ski themselves into a part of Swedish history.

"I Fäders Spår för Framtids Segrar" (In the footsteps of our forefathers for the victories of tomorrow) – this is more than just a motto. It represents tradition, the national soul, and heroic deeds, physical and mental strength.

John Kristian Dahl won Vasaloppet 2016.

Vasaloppet 2017 will be held on March 5, 2017.

Who wins Vasaloppet 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Petter Eliassen3.002.75
Any Other Cross-Country Skier4.754.75
John Kristian Dahl5.504.00
Tord Asle Gjerdalen7.006.50
Dario Cologna11.0011.00
Andreas Nygaard15.0015.00
Johan Kjølstad15.0015.00
Johan Olsson15.0015.00
Morten Eide Pedersen26.0020.00
Jens Eriksson26.0026.00
Höst, Anders34.0034.00
Moen Fjeld, Oyvind34.0034.00
Stian Hoelgaard34.0034.00
Anders Aukland41.0021.00
Daniel Rikardsson41.0021.00
Øystein Pettersen41.0023.00
Kjetil Dammen51.0051.00
Tore Bjørseth Berdal51.0051.00
Fredrik Byström61.0061.00
Einarsson, Snorri67.0067.00
Kardin, Oscar67.0067.00
Jörgen Brink101.0034.00
Bill Impola101.0041.00
Christoffer Callesen101.0041.00
Audun Laugaland101.0051.00
Espen Harald Bjerke101.0051.00
Arne Post101.0067.00
Jerry Ahrlin101.00101.00
Ottoson, Markus101.00101.00
Stanislav Rezac151.0051.00
Anders Södergren201.00201.00
Oskar Svärd201.00201.00