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Norway Chess 2017 Odds

Who wins the Norway Chess 2017?

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Altibox Norway Chess 2017 will take place in Stavanger, Norway from the 5th to the 17th of June 2017. Reigning champion, Magnus Carlsen, and his contender for the title, Sergey Karjakin, will both participate in the Altibox Norway Chess 2017 tournament. Invitations to other players are underway. The organizers also report that there are more players along the way, and that they expected 2017 tournament to become the "strongest tournament ever.

Keeping the decision taken before the editin of 2016, Norway Chess has decided to step out of the Grand Chess Tour. The super tournament in the Stavanger region couldn't come to an agreement with its colleagues in St. Louis and London. “A sad, but for us necessary decision, since our views differ from the [Grand Chess Tour]’s on the future of top class tournaments,” Kjell Madland, chairman of the board at Altibox Norway Chess was quoted in the press release. “Our views differ mostly with regards to commercial sponsorship and what we hope to build,” Jøran Aulin-Jansson, the spokesperson for Altibox Norway Chess, told “Altibox will be our main sponsors for 2017 and 2018 as well. We are based purely on commercial sponsorship. That is our focus.”

“We believe that to create sustainability for a tour like this, most of the financing should be based on commercial sponsorship,” Aulin-Jansson added. “I don't think the three parties disagree on this.”

Magnus Carlsen's World Cup contender, Sergey Karjakin, has Settle with Norway Chess and will participate in the tournament in 2017. „Actually, I have already signed a contract to play there next year. You think me happy, but I will play Norway Chess 2017”, says Karjakin Dagbladet under six man tournament in Bilbao. The Russian chess profile won the Norwegian tournament in 2013 and 2014 but was not invited following year. This year drew Karjakin himself two months before the start. „ We had many rounds back and forth as a result of what happened. It is very difficult to handle such a case”, says Chairman of Norway Chess, Kjell Madland.

Tournament management has also signed two-year contracts with both TV2 and the hotel chain Choice. While TV 2 will send parties directly, several of them will take place at the Clarion Energy in Stavanger.

The French favorite Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, who was also in Norway Chess in years, was confirmed as a player No. 4. Thus, the field in 2017 so far like this: Magnus Carlsen (NOR 2853), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA 2811), Viswanathan Anand (IND 2779), Sergey Karjakin (RUS 2772).

Vachier-Lagrave is now ranked No. 3 in the world, Anand is No. 7 while Karjakin is No. 9.

It remains thus 6 places in the field and we expect that one of these goes to a Nordic player. In 2015 was this player Jon Ludvig Hammer beat Magnus Carlsen in the last round, while in 2016 was this player Swedish Nils Grandelius.