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Candidates Chess Tournament 2018 Odds

Who wins the Candidates Chess Tournament 2018?

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Candidates Tournament 2018

The Candidates Tournament 2018 is an event which will pit some of the best chess players in the world against one another. Each candidate will play 14 games in this tournament, twice against every other player – once with the white pieces, and once with the black.

The Candidates Tournament 2018 is being held for the purpose of picking the next challenger for the throne of the World Chess Championship 2018, against the undisputed champion Magnus Carlsen. For those of you that don’t know, Carlsen is a chess player from Norway and is one of the greatest chess minds that has ever lived. He is the reigning chess world champion.

The tournament itself will be held in Berlin. Even though Berlin is a known chess-center where there are many people that play the game of chess – this tournament is the first of its kind to be ever held in this historic city. There will be 8 players in total, and one of them will be the victor of the tournament. After this, he will be able to face Magnus Carlsen.

The line of players that will compete in the tournament features great chess players. Sergey Karjakin of Russia will be one of them. He played in the 2016 World Chess Championship Match, and he got into this Candidates Tournament by virtue of this fact. The top 2 finishers in the World Chess Grand Prix Series will also be playing at this tournament, as well as both the runner-up and winner of the 2017 World Cup that was held in Tbilisi. Finally, two players are qualified for this tournament by their ratings, and one player is a so-called wildcard choice.

Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik are the top two players with the biggest odds of winning the tournament, according to bookmakers. If you’re a betting person, then you can place your bets on the players slated to play at the tournament, and hope that you pick wins.

The prize pool for this tournament is no laughing matter either. The full amount of the prize pool is 420,000 euros or 460,000 dollars at the momentary exchange rate. Ten percent of the pay-per-view revenues will also be included in the prize pool. The winner will get 95,000 euros, the runner-up will get 88,000 euros, the third in line will win 75,000 euros, and the price to the last person will be 17,000 euros.

So, as you can see, this Candidates Tournament for 2018 has all the prerequisites of being a great event in and of itself – despite the fact that it’s only a warmup for the main event of the World Chess Championship 2018. Regardless if you decide to bet on one of the players, or if you wish to just enjoy watching expert games in chess – you are guaranteed to have a great time witnessing this tournament. And after it’s finished, the road towards the World Chess Championship 2018 will be paved for one of the competitors at the Candidates Tournament 2018.