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Grammy Awards 2017 Odds

One of the greatest honors an artist can receive is of course the Grammy award, which is awarded to musical accomplishments from October to September. Grammy awards show traditionally takes place in February and in 2016 the award was given for the 58th time. American rapper Kendrick Lamar was the most nominated artist of that year and managed to claim five awards, including Best Rap Album and Rap Song.

2017 event will take place on February 12th and is expected to be a very interesting ones, with 2016 being highly successful for several artists. However, the show will also have two late stars in the center of the event, with Prince and David Bowie both releasing their last albums before their passing in 2016.

Adele released one of the most anticipated albums of the year, title 25 and will surely be among those artists with most nominations. Adele is one of the most prominent figures in the music industry in the past eight years or so and she managed to win the Grammy ten times out of her 13 nominations. She will most likely get nominations for her first album single, “Hello” in record of the year and pop vocal performance. Best album will be a tough one though, but it will be seen as Beyonce and also David Bowie had number one albums this year round.

Beyonce’s Lemonade has hit the shelves in April of 2016 and is already labeled as her greatest album so far. Beyonce has unanimously won the charts with her latest album, which has followed controversies regarding her relationship with Jay-Z. Formation and Hold up are labeled as great singles from the album, but Beyonce is a lock-up for the album category, while the single will most likely pass on to Adele.

David Bowie left us in January 2016 and his legacy can be seen in his last album, named Blackstar. Even before his passing it was labeled as a great piece of art and he is in for an album of the year award. Blackstar did not produce a lot of singles that caught the eye of the public, but its overall status might earn him a posthumous award for best album. With the race between Adele and Beyonce looking pretty tight at this moment, it is very much a possibility that the Grammy goes to the man himself.

Over the course of a year, a certain category has always picked the mind of the critics and that is the best new artist award. For years now the winner of this award was granted a road to stardom and has quickly been established as a ticket of the upper class. In 2017, Chance the Rapper looks as the most serious candidate for this award. After a critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Drop, in 2016 Chance went in studios with names like Lil Wayne and Kanye West and delivered a great product. With only 23 years of age, he has a great career ahead of him and this award is just what he needs to prove it.

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