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Supernova 2018

Latvian TV (LTV) have confirmed that the Supernova is moving to a Saturday. For the past three years, the Latvian Supernova has been broadcast on a Sunday. Twenty-one acts will be competing for the right to represent Latvia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Supernova has been the selection show from Latvia, since 2015. A string of poor results were reversed in 2015, after the introduction of the show, when Aminata took the song Love Injected into the top 10. The following year, she composed the song Heartbeat, for the singer Justs, which also gave Latvia, a place in the final.

However , last years Latvian choice, Triana Park, placed last in their semi final with the song, Line. It remains to be seen, whether Supernova, can produce a successful entry, without the help of Aminata. This year she has written Ed Rallidae’s song.

The artists met for a discussion with the producers and choreographers. Many revealed on their Facebook pages that they would be appearing in the first semi-final on February 3.

The acts are challenging for the title consists of eight females, eight groups or duos, and five male artists. Many of the acts have longer stories which we have published in the past. There are a few more to come in the future.

In order to get a better idea of which songs the public would like to see in Supernova 2018, LTV has opened an online platform where each of the entries are currently available to listen to. The public opinion will help the specialist jury panel decide which acts they would like to see shortlisted to compete in the live stages of the competition, with the jury taking the public view into consideration.

According to the Supernova producer, Ilze Jansone, this year’s line-up features artists of all different levels of experience; from new to unknown to surprising performers, the 2018 selection is sure to see a wide variety of acts.

This year’s Supernova marks Markus Riva’s fifth attempt to try to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2014 he placed 11th with the song Lights On. In 2015, the year Supernova was introduced, Aminata beat Markus into second place with his song, Take Me Down. The following year Markus placed third in the semi-final with public votes. However, only the top 2 picks from the public proceeded to the final. The jury picked the other two, so, I Can did not make the final. Last year Markus was eliminated in the second heat with the song, Dynamite.

DJ Rudd, head of the Supernova 2018 jury, stated: ”It must be admitted that some of my favourites were not from the live streams of February. But this is also the task of the jury – to offer as many angles as possible, from which to look at performers and at the submissions as a whole, as objectively as possible. In my opinion, this year, the arrangements are quite good, but there is a lack of a good song. It will definitely be interesting to watch the fight between experienced and new performers.”

There is no odds on Supernova 2018 yet.