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Sanremo Italian song festival 2018 Odds

Who wins the Sanremo Italian song festival 2018?

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The Sanremo Music Festival returns once again for its 68th edition in February 2018. Changes will be seen in the 68th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival as the Italian national broadcaster, RAI, has released the rules for the country’s forthcoming grand event.

Since Italy came back to Eurovision in 2011, they’ve established themselves as a power player, and are by far the most successful of the Big Five. They regularly place in the top ten and are often fan favourites.

In 2015, popera trio Il Volo placed third with their epic love song “Grande amore”, also winning the televote — and the hearts of many new fans. Il Volo’s success revitalised the appeal of Eurovision amongst Italian reviewers, prompting RAI to shift the Eurovision broadcast to its main channel, RAI 1.

In Kyiv, Francesco Gabbani (and his dancing ape) cheered audiences with “Occidentali’s Karma”. While the song had been a favourite to win Eurovision 2018, ultimately it only placed sixth.

As with previous years, Sanremo 2018 will see the festival divided into 2 categories: the Campioni (Big Artists) event and the Nuove Proposte (Newcomers) event. However following with tradition of the past few years of the festival, the winner of the Campioni event will be offered the chance to compete at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Whilst Italy’s Eurovision representative will be selected in traditional fashion, general changes have been made for the forthcoming edition of the Italian music festival, with drops and re-introductions being implemented.

One change will see no eliminations taking place throughout the Sanremo week, meaning that the full 20 Campioni artists will each perform and compete in the Grand Final of the festival on the 10 February 2018, announced

The fourth night of Sanremo 2018 will also see the reintroduction of the duets segment, seeing each Campioni artist performing their bidding entries alongside a special guest performer.

Voting will take place throughout the Sanremo week in both the Campioni and Nuove Proposte events, the results of which set to be combined in order to determine the winner of each category. As with previous years, the winner will be decided through a mixed system including public televote, press room jury and expert jury.

Since 2015, the winner of Sanremo has had first refusal at being Italy’s act for Eurovision. But with Sanremo under new direction, it’s possible the selection method may change. Sanremo 2018 is due to take place on the week of 6th to 10th February 2018, with the new artistic director Claudio Baglioni.

The rumors of the participating entries continue. According to Spy Weekly  we should see in the race  Arisa, Lorenzo Fragola, Morgan, The Kolors, Annalisa, Max Gazzè and The Journalists while among the guests are being rumored  Gianni Morandi, Francesco De Gregori and Renato Zero  (as anticipated by  Chi ) also  Luciano Ligabue, Fedez, J-Ax , the unusual trio  Francesco Renga, Max Pezzali, Nek and  Fabri Fibra.