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Most seats UK Next General Election

Which party will win the most seats in next general election?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

With the UK political climate going through the most uncertain time in decades, the outcome of the next general election is hard to predict. As it stands, we cannot expect a general election any time soon. But that could all change, in this uncertain time.

This outlook will likely be the same as before, being dominated by the major political parties. We can expect all the major players to be taking part of this. Including of course, the Conservatives, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

We can expect UKIP to certainly be making an appearance once and of course the Green Party, which has been making an increasingly stronger voice in politics with an environmentally conscious electorate. Although according to reliable predictions, the Green Party has a slim chance of forming a government. Currently there is 500/1 chance of them securing a majority.

The incumbent conservative party is certainly favourites to win the next General Election. However, perhaps in one of the most controversial governments in history that has certainly has had an impact on the outcome of the general election.

According to current statistics, as we can see from the chart, there is a strong chance of a labour majority in the next election. This is certainly plausible considering the popularity of party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who recently had his popularity reinforced from a failed leadership challenge.

So there is certainly some scope to consider when thinking about where to place your bets on the outcome of the next UK general election. So ultimately, you can be being convinced that the status quo will be maintained with another conservative victory. If we remember the 2015 election, there was a surprise majority for the Tories which was largely unexpected.

Or there is the outcome for change in the commons. It is quite possible, which is more thank likely to come in the form of a labour government. Being the first “true” socialist government in over a generation.

A snap, early election is highly unlikely, however the viability of Theresa May’s government is largely going to depend on the success and outcome of the Brexit talks and that outcome of the UK exit from the European Union.

As it stands we are unlikely to see a General Election being called until around 2020. But things could indeed change over the coming months. So it would be wise to see an eye on the odds for that big win. Politics certainly in this current climate can be hard to predict, there is certainly a chance for change against all the odds.