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Premier League Next Manager To Leave Odds

Premier League Next Manager To Leave

Next Manager To Leave 2017/2018

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Premier League managers arguably have the worst job security in the entire world. Because the money in Premier League is unlike anything ever before. So, the board upstairs don’t want to give the managers enough time to showcase their ideas. They just want instant success. The latest manager who has felt the wrath of his board is poor Frank de Boer. He was only given 4 matches to introduce his passing philosophy to a team who is built for counter attacking football. Frank de Boer was the first manager to leave this season, but he certainly won’t be the last. Some managers are mentioned below who are most likely to join him.

Slaven Bilić (West Ham United F.C.):

Bilić has been in front of a loaded gun from the past season, and at any moment he may be fired from his managerial post at West Ham United. Bilić has been given ample amount of money to build a team in whatever way he sees fit. But none of his big signings have been able to give justice to their price tags. Moreover most of his signing are near or above 30, so they don’t even have any resale value. Bilić has been also unable to set up a good defective unit, and his lack of tactical knowledge in defending has made West Ham’s defense one of the leakiest in the whole Premier League. So it is not a matter of if Bilić is going to be sacked, it is a matter of when.

Mauricio Pellegrino (Southampton F.C.):

Mauricio Pellegrino was given the Southampton’s managerial post to make Claude Puel’s defensive Southampton side more threatening in attack. But on the contrary, he has made Southampton more defensive than ever before. And he has been unable to spark any kind of creativity in the final third of Southampton’s play. Thus a more attacking minded manager is needed to make Southampton more than a mediocre side.

Ronald Koeman (Everton F.C.):

Ronald Koeman has been treated like a posh boy at Everton this transfer campaign. He was given whatever his heart desired. But still Everton is looking worse than the previous campaign. The reason behind is that, Koeman bought same kind of players while ignoring what his team is lacking, and that is pace. Because of lack of pace, Koeman’s team has been unable to do what Koeman requires in the final third. So, a new manager with different philosophy is a must to get the best out of Everton.

Paul Clement (Swansea City A.F.C.):

Paul Clement brought a lot of big talents in the midfield in the transfer window. But still, his team has been unable to create enough chances for their forward line. There seems to be no lack of talent, so it must be the ideas of Paul behind the lack of creativity. Thus a new manager with fresh ideas may be the way to turn Swansea’s season around.